‘Fire in the belly’ II

  The coroner’s office rushed their findings to the detectives. There were some very suspicious circumstances uncovered. An incendiary accelerant had been present inside Gruber’s car before the impact with the brick wall. More specifically, his clothes had been liberally doused with the flammable chemical. That changed the direction of the investigation from a probable suicide to a possible homicide. 

   From what appeared to be a deliberate effort to obfuscate their investigation, a growing shadow of suspicion was cast upon his uncooperative employer. According to their P.R. website, DNAtech was an independent biochemical research lab working to produce better vegetables through DNA manipulation. Detective Harry Emerson suspected they were involved with far darker projects for the government.

  “Why on earth would a person resist being helped out of a burning car?”; Detective King posed to Harry. “It doesn’t make any sense. He must have hit his head really hard.”

  “According to the coroner’s report, he was wearing his seat belt, Dave. If so, then there may have been very little head trauma.”; Emerson countered. “My hunch is that Mr. Gruber’s death itself was self-induced but I also think there is more to it. I believe there are extenuating circumstances to his odd actions and I intend to get to the bottom of it. 

   His neighbors said he was quiet and kept to himself. ‘Secretive’ was a word that I kept hearing from them. I guess his private nature stemmed from his top secret research work at DNAtech Industries. I’m going back over to do another search of his apartment. Want to come along?”

   Dave shrugged noncommittally. It didn’t matter to him either way. Harry smirked at his lack of enthusiasm. “Maybe the guy had a stash of ‘nudie’ magazines for you to leer at and ogle.” Detective King attempted to act insulted by the crass suggestion but quickly dropped the facade. He chuckled about being so transparent and got into the passenger seat of their unmarked car.


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