‘Fire in the belly’ III

  Once at Gruber’s Apartment, they stepped over the yellow police tape and searched for anything out of the ordinary. The men hoped to find evidence to support Harry’s running theory. The apartment had already been searched once but the original team only looked for information on beneficiaries of his property. 

  Harry and Dave stood a much greater chance of locating something since they were actually looking for specific things. Much to Dave’s chagrin, Reginald Gruber didn’t have a secret stash of smut. A loose floorboard in the bedroom did reveal a far more important hidden piece of evidence though; his secret diary.

  The duo returned to headquarters and were about to peruse diary entries when their Sargent asked where they had been. “We went to the deceased’s apartment to look it over, one more time.”; Dave volunteered.

   “Harry, I thought you confirmed that ‘Mr. Toast’ was a simple suicide case. I read nothing in the patrolman’s report or the coroner’s findings to indicate otherwise. You and Dave need to quit pretending to be ‘Dick Tracy’; and stop wasting taxpayer’s money! If there’s nothing else to report, then turn in your paperwork and move on to the next case.” The two men silently noticed that he barked at them with an unusual amount of agitation. 

    “Well? Did you find anything?”; He inquired a little more calmly.

   Dave opened his mouth and was about to tell the chief about the hidden diary when Harry interrupted. “No, we didn’t come up with anything.”

   “OK then. The Gruber case can be officially closed. Move on to your next assignment.”

   Dave swallowed hard and cast a sideways glare at Harry. Such a deliberate omission was grounds for immediate dismissal but he trusted Harry’s instincts. From that point forward, both of them had to maintain a complete statement solidarity. “Yeah, it was a big waste of time.”; Dave added. He did his best to not look guilty but doubted his parrot act was very convincing.

   “What’s wrong King? Gruber didn’t have a stack of nudie magazines?”; The Sarge chortled. Dave blushed at the universal sleazy characterization of him; but didn’t dare protest. “Now, I want both of you to get over to the Green Street branch of the First National Bank. They were held up about an hour ago. We need to get witness descriptions of the ‘perps’ while they are still fresh.” Both detectives rose from their desks and headed for the door.


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