‘Fire in the belly’ IV

   “Why didn’t you tell him about Reginald Gruber’s diary?”; Dave hissed.“ That little omission could get us canned! I’m not independently wealthy, you know! I can’t afford to be looking for work right now.”

   “Because I saw him talking to that prick from DNAtech earlier this morning. You remember the S.O.B. who wouldn’t tell us anything about Gruber; or what he was working on? The two of them were having a very ‘cozy’, closed-door discussion in his office.”

  “Yeah, so? What does that prove? You think it’s some sort of dime store novel cover-up?”; Dave quipped skeptically. “Maybe the Sarge asked him to come in and make a formal statement since he refused to give us the time of day.”

  “I overheard bits and pieces of the conversation between office noises. Toward the end it got pretty heated. They weren’t talking to each other like total strangers, either. I’m pretty sure I overheard the DNAtech goon tell him to make sure the case got ‘buried’. Parts of it was too muffled to make out but I am 100% certain that he shouted: ‘Veronica’ at the end! The sarge turned as white as a ghost.”

   “Are you f’n serious?”; Dave asked incredulously. “Why didn’t you say something about this earlier? That really does have the makings of a conspiracy but outing him isn’t much of a threat. Everyone in town already know about his mistress.”

   “Everyone besides his wife; but that’s not the point! DNAtech seems to be very nervous about the facts coming out. They are doing their damnedest to prevent anyone from looking into what they do; or what Gruber was working on. I don’t know if his death was an coincidental suicide that could jeopardize their secret projects; or if they had a deliberate hand in his death, but clearly we can’t trust the sarge! 

  Right now I don’t know who DNAtech has gotten to so I don’t trust anyone but you. We are the only ones who know about his diary. Until I examine it, we’re going to keep that little bit of info to ourselves, agreed? After all, the case is officially ‘closed’. Dave nodded in agreement as they pulled up at the bank.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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