‘Fire in the belly’ VII

  “By the time you read this, I will be dead. My name is Reginald Gruber and I am a genetic scientist working for a quasi-military germ warfare research laboratory called DNAtech. I have inclosed proof of my scientific credentials and individual Q5 security pass (to verify this is not a hoax or prank.) 

   For the past 8 months I have been singularly involved in developing a microbial parasitic enzyme called ‘Prometheus’. It is so diabolically evil that I am almost too ashamed to admit creating it. I have tried to appease my troubled conscience with misguided patriotism, my considerable salary; and also fear of reprisal from ‘Uncle Sam’. Unfortunately, I can no longer morally reconcile my tortured sense of right and wrong any longer. 

  To prevent this weapon from ever being used by our, (or any other) government; I have decided to destroy all of my scientific notes so it can never be exactly replicated. As for the existing stockpiles of ‘Prometheus’; it is only fitting that the creator of a ravenous-hunger weapon; personally consumes all the existing samples. It started with me, and it shall hopefully end with me

   With my ironic Saturn’esque suicide, I hope to wipe out all possibility of its unethical use on any nation that our government deems to be an enemy. Despite these permanent actions, I fear that one of my understudies will surpass my level of achievement and recreate ‘Prometheus’; or a sibling germ. I’ve let the proverbial genie out of the bottle. Although I’ve recorked my terrible creation; It’s unrealistic to assume that my peers will never try to uncork their own. Something more has to be done.

   The only way to prevent such biological tampering in the future is to inform the public of the unethical research DNAtech and other research labs are working on in the name of blind nationalistic patriotism. I hope you take this letter seriously and are able to expose ‘The Prometheus Project’ to the world.

Goodbye and good luck!
Signed, Reginald Hans Gruber”


   Finally all the pieces fell into place. Harry had to smile at Mr. Gruber’s clever disposal of his ‘consuming’ biological laboratory creation. He literally consumed it; and then destroying himself with a purifying fire. Gruber was an unknown hero who died redeeming himself. Soon he hoped the world would come to know about the man’s personal sacrifice in the name of humanity and peace! 

   “There’s one thing that I don’t understand though, Ma’am.”; He pointed out. “How did you know to come and talk to me? I didn’t tell your night editor anything about my secret investigation or the diary that my partner and I found.”


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