‘Fire in the belly’ VIII

  You found a diary from Mr. Gruber? Oh MY god! That is fantastic!”; Miss Beavers exclaimed excitedly. “That will help corroborate details he mentioned in his letter. Honestly, I had no idea that there was one. This investigation is really starting to come together. Maybe we can get the word out to the UN and the international community without interference from ‘Homeland Security.”

  Harry was flabbergasted. It seemed like their meeting was almost a chance coincidence. “If you didn’t know about the diary, and didn’t even know why I called your paper, then how did you track me down? What exactly led you to find and confide in me?”

   “Honestly Detective! Do you think you are the only one who follows up on leads? I am an investigative journalist with fifteen years experience! We are both detectives who serve the public. I do all that I can to research and vet my news sources. Just like in the police department, verifying the reliability of an informant or source is a necessity. 

   Mr. Edwards gave me your number last night but I had already pulled a background check on several members of this police department. When I saw that you were the lead detective on Mr. Gruber’s death, I had a strong hunch that you might know something to help shut down ‘Project Prometheus’. I just had to observe you from afar and determine if you and your partner were trustworthy. It’s impossible to tell how far this conspiracy goes, or how many are involved.”

  “Indeed it is.”; He agreed. “Both of us can’t afford to be careless. That’s why I’m asking you the questions. You showing up like this just seemed a little too convenient. I had no idea you were already in town when I called.”

   “Your phone call to the paper was just a freak coincidence. You were already on my radar as I investigated Mr. Gruber’s allegations. Even if you hadn’t called, I would have eventually contacted you or Detective King privately. I never got anywhere with your Sargent. He was no help at all. Did he force you to close the case?”

   “Ah, yes. DNAtech is blackmailing him. I overheard a conversation between their chief goon and him a few days ago. He was told to bury the case or his mistress will be revealed to his wife. My partner and I knew right away that he was compromised.”

  “When I whispered ‘Prometheus’ to you earlier, I could tell from your expression that you knew about the project. I just had to be sure that you were not part of the cover up. Since you called my office last night, I put two and two together and felt safe establishing contact. Conspirators do not generally contact the media about things that they want buried. Now, does that clear things up, Detective?”


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