‘Fire in the belly’ (end)

   Both ends of the dark investigation somehow managed to find each other to make sure the truth was revealed. Harry gave her the deceased’s diary so she could use it in her exposé against DNAtech. 

   It was the last remaining piece of evidence and would help substantiate criminal allegations against the germ warfare laboratory. She thanked Harry and assured him that she would leave his name out of the article unless the authorities later demanded it. He thanked her for her discretion and warned her to be careful in recognition of the powerful enemy they were both making. He waved to her as she drove off in her dark sedan.


  Harry’s cell phone rang but he didn’t immediately recognize the number. “Hello, this is the night editor of the newspaper you contacted. I haven’t had a chance to give your number to any of our reporters yet but if you’ll come here to the office, I can take a your statement. Tell me where you are and I’ll send a car over to pick you up.” 

   Like a lightning bolt, Harry realized that the caller ID number matched the same one he called at DNAtech when he was seeking answers. 

   “I uh, I’m at the corner of Maple and Madison.”; He lied, unconvincing. There was a brief pause on the other end of the line before the caller replied.

   “No you are not. We are watching you at this very moment, Mr. Emerson. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? This is the deputy director of the NSA. We’ve been observing you and your associates very closely. Right now we are holding your partner as a material witness in an urgent matter of national security. 

  We understand that you possess some sort of personal papers or journal that previously belonged to Mr. Reginald Gruber? Mr. King has been describing its contents to us. The faster you turn over that important piece of evidence, the quicker we can look into possibly releasing your partner. Otherwise, serious criminal charges for obstruction and evidence tampering will be filed in federal court. You do still have this diary, don’t you?”


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