‘Inside job’ chapter 3

   “Ok. Now we are getting somewhere. If you have an address, we can get a warrant and search the premises; no matter where in the world it is. Our partner nations at Interpol will help us with the investigation. What is the location that your DNS tracker reveals?”

   There was an uncomfortable pause. The team coordinator was hesitant to say any more. The chief grew tired of waiting. “Come on. Out with it. Tell me the location. We can pick them up, no matter who they are or how powerful. No one is outside the reach of justice.”

  “The location of the suspect’s DNS server and true IP address keeps moving sir, because….”

  “YES? B e c a u s e… what?”

   “Because it frequently moves.”

   “To avoid detection? That’s not so surprising. They have to be aware of the technology we posses to track them. It sounds like a classic case of staying on the move to make their activities more difficult to track.”

  “Except that our targeted research and triangulation of signals points not to a server, but to a specific individual. This person doesn’t even have a computer or internet access.”

   The FBI chief snorted. “Clearly that isn’t the case. Either your team is wrong about the location, or they are wrong about the person having a means of creating the malicious code. It obviously didn’t create itself. There are still some individuals who use public access computers at libraries. Could your suspect use something like that to bypass a static IP address?”

   “No sir. The IP address is real and it is static. We are sure about that. It’s just not a known address. Somehow the physical location of the static IP moves frequently. Since we couldn’t use traditional methods to track a server that doesn’t exist on the official registry, we had to get creative. By using satellite surveillance, we noticed that these movements correspond perfectly with the personal activity of our suspect. I know you aren’t really interested in the technical details but we are sure about our findings.”

   “Ok then. Send me his name and social security number so we can bring the guy in for questioning. I’ll request a residential search order from the judge.”

   “It’s a female, Chief.” 
   He expressed surprise at the news. “Hummm. Ok. Bring HER in then. I’ll see what SHE has to say. In the meantime, get me all the technical evidence you have against her and pull her background information. Religion, education, political leanings, etc. I want those stats in front of me when I am interrogating her.”

    The young woman sat before the chief in the ‘interview room’ with a genuine appearance of bewilderment. Nothing in her background suggested that she possessed advanced coding skills, or an extremist viewpoint. About the only possible connection that the chief could make between her and the crime they were investigating was that she was pregnant.

   “What are all these crazy questions about? I’ve been completely honest with you but I still have no idea why I am here. I don’t know the first thing about computer programming or how to make a bomb. If this is about the building blowing up last week, I can prove that I was at work when it happened.”

   The chief was about to inquire how she surmised the interview was about the explosion when he got a text message. He had to read the strange message several times on his phone before he absorbed the startling words. It read as follows:

   “The lady you are interrogating has nothing to do with the explosion we caused. She isn’t a member of our organization.”


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