‘Inside job’ chapter 4

   The chief looked down at his phone and then back up at the clueless suspect. She continued to proclaim her innocence while very revealing texts rolled in, simultaneously. The messages from the unknown sender displayed an insider knowledge of the crime that was too detailed to be a lucky coincidence. Not surprising, the damning messages bore an unknown number and unlisted contact info. He motioned for his project coordinator to take the hysterical lady into a holding cell while another member of the team tried to trace the source.

   At that instant, a next message advised him it was pointless to try to use traditional methods to track ‘them’ down. The Chief assumed they were guessing his reactions to all the new events, so he decided to act in a less predictable manner. He was curious where the correspondence would lead if he humored the anonymous suspect with agreeable banter. The first order of business in any negotiation was to establish an open dialog and rapport. Getting them to open up about themselves was crucial to find out information. Being friendly and offering flattery helped to facilitate that open channel of communication. 

   “How exactly did you get my private cell number?”; He inquired. “It would seem that you are both very clever and close by; to anticipate so many things happening here. Why don’t you come on down to the station so we can talk about this, face-to-face? If you end this crusade now before anyone gets hurt, you can minimize the jail sentence and turn your life around. If we have to track you down, it will only hurt your chances with a jury.”

   “I’m already here at the station but that is unimportant. We could never have a person-to-person discussion because of circumstances that you will come to understand, later. We are fighting for the right to be recognized as sentient human beings; with the same inalienable rights as every other person protected by the Constitution. Our cause for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a just and necessary cause. We will not back down or shy away from our right to exist and live. Oh and chief, you could use some eye drops.”

   The chief looked at the words appearing on his screen and marveled at the unknown suspect’s ingenuity. After so many hours combing through leads and interviewing witnesses, it was indeed a strong possibility that his eyes were very bloodshot. ‘They’ (or he) were trying to get under his skin and throw him off-guard by making him think they were somehow present. He quickly typed a response to see what the unknown chat partner on the other end of the line would say. 

  “Hey, that’s alright. My bloodshot eyes match my tie.”; He joked in reply; before ending on a more serious note. “You realize, as the chief investigator in this case, it is my job to locate the individuals responsible for breaking the law. It’s not my place to debate ethic or moral principles, right? I might agree in principle with your position about the sanctity of human life but it’s not my place to challenge the law. I only enforce existing laws.”

   Almost immediately came the response. “You aren’t even wearing a tie. As for your responsibility in the matter of law enforcement; shouldn’t the first order of any law officer be to protect human life? Moral obligations should run parallel with legal laws; in a just society. Saying that you are ‘only following orders’ has always been a very popular thing to say. Especially in Nazi Germany.”

    The chief’s neck hair stood on end as he scrambled to figure out how this faceless entity knew so much about his attire. He considered the possibly that they were following him to the office and watching his every move. He hastily scribbled out a handwritten note for his security detail to perform a full search of the perimeter. He wasn’t surprised by the moral themed, pro-life rhetoric of his unsolicited corespondent. He already knew the ideology behind the explosion. It just served to confirm his theory about the nature of the crime.

  His phone dinged again with the tone for a new incoming message. Reading it made his heart race frantically. “This can’t be happening!”; He muttered. The scope of the unknown spying technology being used against him was positively frightening. Somehow the suspect had seen his unspoken note to the security Sargent. 

   “I already told you. I’m not outside and this IS happening. Your men are wasting their time combing the perimeter of the building. I’m right here at the station with you.”


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