‘Inside job’ chapter 5

    As predicted by his untraceable, tech-savvy adversity, no sign of espionage was detected outside the station. The chief instead ordered a polygraph test for the pregnant woman they were holding. After interviewing her, he couldn’t imagine her being involved but it seemed like the phantom messenger was a little too anxious for her to be dismissed. Through circumstantial evidence, his team had linked her to the case. He wanted to give them the opportunity to prove her involvement, before cutting her loose.

   When she conclusively passed the test, he had no choice but to accept defeat. Somehow, they had missed their mark with her. He was just about to instruct Sargent Mills to set her free when a new message came in. The subject of which escalated the ‘creepy’ factor, many times over. 

   “The lady in your holding cell is thirsty. Would you please ask the lieutenant to get her some water?”

   The chief was growing increasingly more exasperated with the boldness of the messenger’s tactics. It was really getting under his skin. “So, how do you know she’s thirsty?”; He typed. “Are you in direct communication with her? I thought you said she is completely uninvolved in this crime.”

   The next reply took his breath away. “She IS uninvolved in our operation, I assure you. She has no knowledge of our future plans; or the details of the case you are investigating. The results of the polygraph should have proven that to you. I only know she is thirsty because I am.”

   “What? You are thirsty so she must be also? What are you saying? That you and her are one in the same? Do you have multiple personalities?”; He motioned for his lieutenant to do a cross-search of psychiatric patients with their suspect list. Before he could even hit ‘send’; a reply came on his phone; criticizing him for the mean spirited jabs and two-dimensional stereotypes.

  Both men recognized that ‘The messenger’ was seeing and hearing his actions (and not just reading his replies). It was an important distinction. The unknown hactivists obviously had control of his phone and were monitoring all his actions, in real time. 

  The two men stepped out of his office to confer with each other; away from the Chief’s compromised phone. 

   “He must be using my phone’s microphone and camera to monitor what’s going on in here! Sheesh. There’s no telling how much he knows about our investigation. He’s been one step ahead of us the whole time!”

  At that instant, the lieutenant’s phone buzzed. “Gentleman, please get her some water, ok?”; The message said. The two men looked at each other in full astonishment. The messenger had total control of his phone too! With that chilling piece of information, they agreed to avoid all electronic devices. Both men walked down the hall to re-interrogate the original suspect. The chief took her a glass of water to satisfy the puppet master’s request. 

  “I understand you are thirsty. Here is the water you requested.”

   The lady looked puzzled. “Thank you. I am thirsty but no one here has checked on me in a while, for me to ask.”

  “How are you doing this? Who is your accomplice? We will find him and bring him to justice. Destruction of public property might seem like a victimless crime but now we have illegal wiretapping and surveillance to add to the charges. Tell us who your accomplice is!”


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