‘Inside job’ chapter 6

   The lady was even more bewildered and began sobbing hysterically. From her reaction, it was clear that she had no idea what he were talking about. However the chief translated her level of distress as a sign she was about to crack under the pressure. He hoped she would confess her involvement in the crime and increased the intensity of his interrogation to a fever pitch. “You need to reveal who is pulling the strings here. Being complicit in a felony of this magnitude can mean very long sentences.”

   She began to shake involuntarily and hyperventilate from the threats and accusations. Suddenly the lights in the room began to wildly flash on and off. The chief rose from his chair and stormed out of the room. He was furious that one of his men was derailing his investigation out of pity for her condition; right before she was about to crack.

   To his surprise, no one was standing by the light switch outside the door. “Who the hell was just flipping the lights on and off, just now?”; He barked. “She’s alright. Now let me do my job here!” A detective across the hallway assured him that no one had touched the light switch. 

   His countenance softened a bit when he realized who was really behind the flickering lights. He walked back to his office and retrieved his phone. Even though it was bugged, he knew it was his only line of communication with ‘the messenger’.

   “There is no need to scream at her that way! You are upsetting her. On my honor, I assure you that she has no idea what you are accusing her of. She feels nothing but bewilderment and helpless fear right now. She isn’t hiding anything. Please direct all your questions to me. I will answer them honestly. You have my word.”

   The chief and his lieutenant read the text message with great interest. Even if she didn’t have anything to do with the explosion or all the electronic tampering, clearly the anonymous sender cared about her well being. That had to mean something. There was a real-world, direct connection to between them. That realization was their first real lead in the case. His protection of her was their ticket to find him.

   “First of all, what shall we call you? You obviously know a great deal about everyone here. How about telling us your name?” He set his phone to read the text messages out loud; so both of them and the pregnant lady being interviewed could hear. The chief thought he could gauge her level of involvement by watching her reaction to the spoken messages.

   The prompt response deepened the mystery even more. “I haven’t yet been given a name.”; It read. “Calling me ‘the messenger’ (as you have been) is quite acceptable. It’s very apt in terms of pure symbolism. I am delivering a message of truth to the people.”

   The lieutenant picked up the chief’s phone and typed a series of questions that he had. “You haven’t been given a name? What does that mean? Does your organization assign pseudonyms to avoid detection by law authorities? Also, you just mentioned that Miss Jackson ‘feels nothing but bewilderment and helpless fear.’ How could you possibly know what she feels?” No one present was prepared for what came next.

   “I know exactly what she feels because we are joined together as one. She is my mother.” The pregnant woman sat up in her seat and became ‘moon eyed’ at the bizarre statement. 

   “Who is this texting you about me?”; She shrieked. “I don’t understand. Is he talking about me and my baby? I don’t have any other children!”

   “Mother. Mother. Please calm down.”; He addressed her. “You’ve always known that I was with you, inside your womb. Is it such a shock to find out that I understand the exterior world? We are reborn many times and live dozens of lifetimes. Until the moment of birth we possess all of our accumulated knowledge of those past lives. The great test of humanity is to go through the complete process of learning again and again (with a clean slate of nothingness); until we reach perfection. Each cycle of life helps us to reach that stage of perfection. We recognize that our being born is not always a joyous or welcome event because of extenuating circumstances but we are alive, and desire to live.”

   No one could have predicted the left turn that the conversation was going to take between those in attendance and the anonymous messenger, but it was about to get even more surreal. 


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