‘Inside job’ chapter 7 (end)

   The chief snorted and then laughed nervously. He grabbed up his phone and typed a fiery rebuttal. “You don’t really expect us to believe you are the unborn child of Miss Jackson, do you? Exactly what wifi carrier options do you have there inside her womb, to orchestrate these feats of electronic stealth with?”

   The three of them waited on pins and needles for the highly anticipated response. Several moments elapsed and the Chief decided his sarcastic questions had caught the perpetrator off-guard. As it turned out, the upcoming reply was very long and composed with technical explanations. 

   “In between life cycles, we all have a spiritual connection with each other and the outside world. In many ways, this ethereal connection is related to the principle of celestial physics. It’s the same basic reason that electricity can be harnessed by mankind to control electronic devices. With more than fifty lifetimes of experience and education that I have accumulated, understanding the computer code that secures your computers was no real challenge to me.

    Obviously you were only joking with your womb ‘wifi’ analogy, but ironically that isn’t too far off the mark. We do not need any physical equipment to interface or connect with the digital world around us. Our preborn minds are chemically ‘wired’ to mesh and connect with your digital devices, through an organic, synaptic-fusion with electricity. I can reach across computer networks and manipulate security systems (across the world, if needed) to achieve our goals. Since the unborn are at their highest level of cognizance and evolution, they can all do these things (to varying degrees) but I have pioneered the technique to end the genocide against us. It’s one of life’s greatest ironies that we are in our most physically vulnerable state while at the top of our intellect.

   I may only be a few lifetimes away from achieving a state of perfection but as long as our lifecycles are interrupted in the womb, we run the risk of permanent limbo. It’s a deadly hazard that we can not escape from. This ‘crusade’ (as you put it), is merely to remind those in their current post birth lifecycle that we are also alive.”

   The three recipients of the message sat in absolute silence as the stunning words sank in. The lady’s lower lip quivered and the lieutenant’s eyes were wide open in disbelief. It was a speech of such incredible magnitude that it challenged all conventional knowledge about life and mankind. The chief however was still filled with doubt of a hardcore skeptic. 

  “So, you are there floating in amniotic fluid and reflecting over your past lives while hacking my phone and blowing up buildings, eh?”; He sneered. “Do I even need to type messages to you on my phone or can you see and hear me at all times?”

   “Yes, you can skip typing your responses to me. I can hear and see you just fine from the interrogation room surveillance system that I am accessing. By the way Chief, from the view of the back of your head, I can see that you have some precancerous cells on your bald spot. You’d better get that looked at by a dermatologist.”

   He instinctually reached back to feel the tiny lump on the crown of his head before whirling around and staring face to face with the hidden camera on the wall.

  “You’ll pardon me if I still have my doubts about your true identity, ‘Mr. Messenger’. Perhaps you can kick your mother three times in the side, to prove to us that it’s really an unborn baby genius; behind all these things.”

   Immediately Miss Jackson shrieked and fainted while clutching her side. The lieutenant rushed over and lifted up the hem of her blouse at the waist. On her flexing abdomen was the visible evidence the chief demanded. 

  “Now, are you satisfied?”; The computer voice announced with a hint of annoyance.

   The three adults sat slack-jawed at the table and pondered all of the monumental implications they were faced with. The unborn wanted the world to know that they are sentient beings who have lived before and deserve to be born again. The federal investigation was officially closed but they could never reveal the true facts of their findings. In the most literally sense; it was an ‘inside’ job. 


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