‘Telephone call from Troy’ II (final)

   I was still a little groggy from the abrupt interruption to my sleep and couldn’t think of a way to explain the idea of ‘here’ and ‘there’. It was too abstract of a concept to quickly articulate to a small child. I knew that precious moments were ticking away and every second counted for his ailing father. When I asked if he had any other adults around, he just seemed confused. It occurred to me that he probably only called my number because it was just the two of them together, wherever they were. 

   Then I tried to get him to tell me his address so I could send paramedics but he couldn’t seem to grasp what I was asking him. I assumed he was so young that he didn’t even know where he lived. The failure in communication made both of us extremely frustrated. It occurred to me that it might help him to relax if I addressed him by name. In all the confusion, I hadn’t even thought to ask! 

   In a very surprised tone, the child ‘reminded me’ that his name was ‘Troy’. There was clearly a level of hurt feelings in his response; as if I should already know him. My failure to identify his voice or know his name seemed to trigger him into crying again. I did my best to soothe him while using my cell phone to call 9-1-1. 

  The only thing I could think of to do was to see if they could trace his call and determine where he was calling from. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to effectively articulate that to the emergency operator since Troy was whimpering pitifully in my other ear. The paramedics were dispatched to my home by mistake because they traced my cell phone before I could stop them.

   Finally he understood that I was in the process of getting help for his sick father. That seemed to calm Troy down dramatically. I could feel the sense of relief in his tiny voice. I still had to ascertain where he lived but just helping him relax and think clearly would benefit both of us in aiding his dad. 

   A loud bang on my door startled me half to death. I pulled back the curtain and saw paramedics at my front door. I delicately explained to Troy that I had to set the phone down briefly to let them inside. To my surprise, he didn’t get agitated at all. I feared he would relapse into a full-blown panic over being left alone but he seemed to understand completely. I assured him that I would be back on the line in just a moment.

  When I opened the door, they asked where the ill patient was. I tried to explain the strange circumstances of Troy’s desperate call but I became extremely weak and nauseous. One of the paramedics noticed my speech was slurred and checked my pulse and vital signs. The next thing I knew, it was I who was in the ambulance and on the way to the emergency room.

  Doctor Ellis told me that I was extremely lucky to be alive! My blood sugar level was so low that I was near death when they arrived. I told him about the troubling phone call from Troy which had awakened me; and triggered my call to to save his father. From the look on his face, I could tell he didn’t believe my ‘guardian angel’ experience really happened. He hinted that it was some sort of low-blood-sugar hallucination which (luckily) prevented me from going into a fatal coma. 

   In the remainder of my time spent at the recovery ward, I also doubted it really happened. After arriving home the next day, I checked my caller ID to be sure. To my amazement, I really had received a phone call at 2:15 am! Not surprisingly, the number was ‘unlisted’. I guess ‘the great beyond’ has an unlisted area code. At least I know what to name my anxious-to-live son, when he is finally born. Now all I have to do is locate his mother!


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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