‘Slingshot’ chapter 2

   He motioned to me through the window with a ‘come-hither’ gesture. When I didn’t immediately respond, his facial expression betrayed an impatient scowl.

   “Come in! I know you have many things you want to ask but you’ll have to step inside first. I can’t come out there. Once you are inside the portal, I will answer your questions again. It has to be this way.”

   Reluctantly I entered the cabin while his curious words echoing in my head. What did he mean by ‘again’; and why did he refer to the old shack as a ‘portal’? He was clearly annoyed at me for reasons I had no knowledge of. As a matter of fact, my entire purpose for being deep in the woods in the middle of the night was a fathomless mystery.

  Responding to my unspoken query, he begrudgingly explained. “We’ve been through this scenario many, many times. You are just unable to remember all the past experiences because you’ve been outside these insulated walls. This cabin is like a protective shell against the ravages of time. It’s why you are here now.”

  Rarely have less comprehensible words been spoken to me, and I struggled to make sense of it. Before I could form any complete thoughts on the matter, the old man continued his agitated debriefing.

  “To answer your next question; yes, I-am-’you’. This is how ‘we’ will look at eighty… seven… years of age.” He looked upward in thought; as if to reassure his recollection of his current age.

   ‘How is that pos……” I began to inquire incredulously. I never got to finish before ‘he’ cut ‘me’ off; mid-sentence.

   “With Quantum Physics, many things are possible. Even if they seem to conflict with the normal laws of science and nature as you know them, currently. Suffice it to say; all you need to know is that it ‘is’ possible. In fact it’s more than possible. It’s a reality. I am living proof of that. For that matter, ‘we’ are living proof of that!” He pointed at the front door of the cabin and continued with his diatribe; “All former and future versions of ‘us’ who walk through that threshold verify what I’m telling you.”

   “If what you’re saying is true, then you shouldn’t be so aggravated with me. By your own admission, I’m unable to remember what you’ve told me previously, correct?” My future self’s facial features softened a bit. He apologized for his prior scolding. His patience for answering the same questions over and over had worn thin. He realized he was taking out his frustrations on me for something I was absolutely unable to prevent.

   “Why does ‘it’ have to be this way; and what are ‘we’ hoping to accomplish?”; I inquired. He started to interrupt but elected to allow me to finish. Judging from his exasperated reaction, it was my most popular and reoccurring question. Looking through the window at the outside world, I marveled as day and night flashed by like a strobe light, in the blink of an eye.

   “We’re very close to unlocking the mysteries of Science and eternal life.”; He began matter of factly. “Each time you come here to the cabin, I give you technological papers, medical research, scientific blueprints, and other inventions from your future. With this ‘borrowed’ information, I instruct you on how to ‘leak’ it to the government or other appropriate sources. These technological anachronisms propel the advancement of our scientific knowledge and civilization prematurely ahead of itself. Just like a pebble being shot from a ‘slingshot; these artificial time-line circuits have the effect of rapidly speeding up technology. Each time it happens, it accelerates our human advancements in medicine, space travel, and the perceived future, exponentially. On the ‘recoil’ of this ‘timeline slingshot’, it brings you back here to the beginning of the loop where the cycle begins anew. The only difference is that the technological changes you made on the previous circuit have rewritten the history of the world, from that moment on. Since I am in this protected vacuum, I am aware of the changes but everyone outside this cabin has no knowledge of it.”


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