‘Slingshot’ chapter 3

  I was flabbergasted by the incredible things he explained and even more impressed by what ‘we’ were doing. I soon found out however that I was a ‘broken record’. Despite all the changes in the future I brought about, there was no way to affect the constant pattern of my own questions. 

   “Why don’t you just….”

   “…just go forward in time and bring back the secrets to eternal life?”; He interrupted rudely. I shot him an annoyed sneer. 

   “Because this isn’t a time machine! It’s only a vacuum I created in the time-space continuum. There’s no way for us to go forward in time to gather progress. All we can do is wait for you to corrupt the future with premature technology. If you aren’t successful in accelerating the future then there will never be an elixir of youth. At least not in OUR lifetimes!”; He paused on ‘our’; to draw emphasis on the dire implication.

   I had to ask the most prominent thought in my mind, despite my obvious redundancies. “How many times have I went through these deliberate time-line corruptions?”

   “Well over 300, at last count.”; He responded. I’m sure the look on my face was pure bewilderment; to say the least. Instead of letting me arrive at the next question on my own, he went ahead and expounded. “The first time ‘we’ went through this was about 500 years ago. I was living in Nineveh, the most cultural and technologically advanced city in the fertile crescent…”

   I grimaced at my earlier self’s historical anachronism and geographic unlikelihood. I knew from my Near East studies that the ancient city of Nineveh had been lost under the sands for over twenty five centuries. Sir Austen Henry Layard had rediscovered it in the 1840’s. 

   “But, that’s not possible! Nineveh was lost during Biblical times and not found until about a hundred and sixty years ago.”; I declared. Again he smiled knowingly.

  “No matter how many times I hear you inform me of that fractured bit of ‘history’, it still cracks me up.”; He snickered. “Especially since it was I who fabricated it in the first place; back when it was I making the trips! The truth is that life on this planet would be even more accelerated if the frail human mind was able to accept progress a little faster. I have to stagger each of your ‘slingshots’ a few years apart and limit the premature advancements because mankind is unable to adapt fast enough. It takes a few years between each of these trips to for humanity to develop intellectually.”

   “Wait a minute!”: I countered. If it was you who used to make these ‘slingshot’ trips, then how.. I mean WHO…”

   “An earlier/later version of ‘us’ entered my dreams one night when I was a young man. He explained how to build the protective vacuum; and what had to be done to start this complex chain of events. I believe we are nearing the conclusion of it, finally. I was King Asshurbanipal’s chief palace architect. That afforded me the means and materials to build the first vacuum. 

   Because it was very crude compared to this one, it had ‘leaks’ which have aged me slowly over time. I’ve become the feeble soul you see before you now. Every time you break the seal and come into the cabin, it ages me a little more. Time is of the essence. If I die in the next few years before you successfully further mankind to the point of immortality, then all will be lost!


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