‘Slingshot’ chapter 4

  “I believe you have something in your back pocket for me.”; The old man stated confidently.

    I reached behind me to check for whatever I was supposed to possess. Sure enough, my hand located a thin, coaster-like metallic disc in my back pocket. I was no longer surprised by anything that happened. I gave it to my older self and waited impatiently for an explanation.

    “He seemed completely absorbed with the three dimensional schematic holograms which projected above the disc. In his distracted state, he didn’t take immediate notice of my burning curiosity. After an agonizing delay, he explained that the disc held historical, biological and scientific information to complete the research phase of my latest ‘slingshot’. From what it revealed, he would prepare me for my next trip as a technological courier.

   He stuffed a similar disc with detailed instructions into my back pocket. “It’s almost time for you to return on the temporal recoil. You’ll be going back to the industrial revolution with the knowledge of how to achieve basic space travel. The next time you reappear here at my window, I fully expect man to have conquered death. I just hope it will be in time to save me and reverse my aging.“ 

   “But what do I do? How do I achieve…”

   He cut me off. “All you need to know is detailed in the instructions in your back pocket. It wouldn’t do any good for me to tell you here in the vacuum. Once you step outside that door, all knowledge of our conversations is lost. The cycle starts back over and you begin again with a ‘clean slate’. Only ‘our’ predictable nature prevents the whole plan from being derailed.”

   “What if…”

   “What if you fail to follow the instructions? So far, you’ve shown up at that window more than 300 times. I think we are safe. Now, it’s almost time for you to return. Get ready to go back out that door. Once out there, nature will take its course and I’ll see you again on the next cycle. You’ll be just as perplexed when you come back inside but with any luck, this will be the last time! Charting the exponential progress each time, I really feel we are nearing the final loop. Now get ready! Go!”

   I was filled with apprehension and fear. I grasped the knob but hesitated; hoping for some guidance that I could hold onto. When the old man yelled again, I pulled up the door and stepped out. As soon as the door closed, the old shack was gone and I blacked out.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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