‘Slingshot’ chapter 5

   With no memory of the revelations I had just received; or even why I was wandering the woods, I stumbled my way down the path. I forged on into the darkness until I made it home at sunrise. Eventually I discovered and scrutinized a bundle of notes in my pocket. They were supposedly written and supplied to me by my future self!

   After a brief period of thinking that I was entertaining the ramblings of a psychotic madman, I slowly began to consider the fantastic claims. The details were presented in such a way that it all made sense to me. Over time I came to fully accept the mysterious document as a full testimony of truth. I had written; or rather would write; myself these perplexing details about science and technology. They were however more than just details about the future. They were a call to action. 

   Life in the industrial revolution was hard enough without trying to change the world by cleverly borrowing from the future. My future self’s blueprint to accelerate technology was almost more than an 18th century man like myself could fathom. Achieving the necessary milestones was an even greater hurdle. The global challenges required in my itinerary came at a time when science was still in its infancy. Anything that couldn’t be readily explained was regarded with deep suspicion. It was a delicate line I had to tow to accomplish the mission. 

   It took many years but I managed to achieve all the incredible objectives without being burned at the stake for sorcery or witchcraft. I stayed one step ahead of heretical accusations and became a celebrated inventor in my own lifetime. By studying the provided notes, I was able to explain the basic principles of advancements which I supplied as my own ideas. 

   In a relatively short period of time, our leaked ideas had a profound effect on the whole world. It also created a domino effect on independent medical breakthroughs and accomplishments from real inventors and scientists. Because of ‘our’ meddling however, it was impossible to know how many things would have came about on their own. It’s entirely possible that I and my future self were solely responsible for the industrial revolution. Once the timeline was corrupted, I couldn’t be sure which parts were natural and which were manipulated. In the end, it didn’t matter.

   I had implicit instructions to complete the checklist of goals before I was to seek out my older self. Only after all the items in the list were in-motion, was it safe to breach the seal between us and meet again in the woods. Some of the necessary tasks were achieved with a minimum of effort. Others almost failed to happen. 

   I had many skeptics and naysayers who doubted my knowledge of the advanced technology I introduced to the public. As difficult as it was to silence the critics, other obstacles presented themselves at times too. I had no shortage of offers for partners. Some of these pseudo philanthropists were quite insistent and demanding. Without exception, they were only interested in the potential to make money off the beneficial ideas that I released to the world.

   Life itself also got in the way. I had a beautiful love interest and yearned for a normal life but was afraid to pursue it. A wife and family would have posed a distraction and compromised my mission. Despite the detailed notes my older self supplied, I have no guidance in those matters. The lack of definition about my personal life forced me to err on the side of caution. Part of me suspected that was a deliberate plan. If ‘he’ spelled out that my personal life required necessary limitations, I might resent the sacrifice and rebel against it. By not even clarifying the matter, he probably hoped I would avoid romantic entanglements without feeling resentment.

   One day with the world at the edge of true enlightenment, I knew it was the right time to initiate the next step. According to the notes, this was to be the final ‘slingshot’ loop. All of the goals had been accomplished and all the qualifications were met. I gathered up my things and set out to pay a visit to an ‘old friend’. 

   As I drew nearer the temporal time vacuum in the woods, my memory began to fade. After a while, I stopped fighting the inevitable loss of awareness and accepted that instinct would help me finish the loop. Natural curiosity would guide me to the cabin and the old man would begrudgingly explain again why I was there. Soon I was left with only a determined feeling to accomplish an unknown mission in the woods.

   I walked thought the darkened forest with the same trepidation that had gripped me, countless other times. By the time the cabin came into view, the amnesia-inducing effects of the vacuum blind had completely erased my memory. I had no idea why I was there, or even who I was. Seeing the old shack was a relief in my clouded state. I only hoped that it’s occupant could help aid me with my confusion.


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