‘The unexplained death of Bigfoot’ pt. 6 (end)

   “Are you planning on keeping the ‘Princess Leia’ costume you rented from Party Pizzaz?”; He deadpanned as Leah walked out of her Civics class. “I can almost imagine your brown hair coiled up in those buns like the Star Wars character.” Her mouth actually gaped open in surprise. “Your middle name isn’t ‘Carrie’ is it, Miss Fischer?”; He smirked.

   All evidence of Leah’s friendly nature from before was gone. Instead it was replaced with a marked level of hostile embarrassment over his insinuations. Although she tried to camouflage it, her eyes still betrayed a wide range of emotions. Phil also noticed that her lip had a faint, tell-tale quiver. 

    “It was quite clever of you to contact me, first.”; He complimented. “You knew exactly why I was here at the campus yesterday. By establishing a self-initiated relationship with me, it added considerable credibility to how I viewed you. From that strategic contact, you were able to steer me away from your direct connection to Mr. Mathews. Instead, you shrewdly pointed me toward the Omegas. If you had actually said something about hazing, I might have thought it was suspicious. Instead you wisely let me arrive at that false conclusion on my own. The only mistake you made was calling him ‘Chewy’. Neither Charles Worth nor any of the other students I interviewed, knew him by that nickname. As a matter of fact, it appears you were the only one to call him that.” 

   “It’s not like that! I cared deeply about Pete! I was just scared when he was hit by the car and I panicked. We were drunk.” She started crying. “We just just re-enacting the forest scene from ‘The Return of the Jedi’ like a couple of idiots.”

   Phil cut her off before she said any more. “I need you to come with me downtown to make a statement.”

   “Am I under arrest?”; Her lip began to quiver again.

   “Deliberately attempting to cover up your tracks by lying and misdirection to a police officer. Interfering with an official investigation by paying for both costumes (so there was no theft report filed). Failing to report a death. Driving away from the scene of an accident. Driving while intoxicated. Underage consumption of alcohol… Those are just a few of the charges I can think of off the top of my head.”; Phil spat angrily. “Those are not the actions of a person who cared about Pete Mathews! I had to show his parents his mangled body while you kept going to class like nothing was wrong. All the while, hoping that you wouldn’t be caught. You have no idea how hard that is to face a victim’s parents but you’ll get your chance when you face them in court!”

   Colorful news headlines exploded the next day. “Bigfoot was really Chewbacca!”, “No Ewoks to save Chewy from Leia!” and “Wookie student death being investigated”. Perhaps the least sensationalistic was: “Leah ‘Leia’ Fischer accused of wrongful death of Pete ‘Chewy’ Mathews”.

   The important thing to Phil Breckenridge was that he kept his promise to Mr. Mathews’ parents. It was up to the judicial system to decide if Leah Fischer was culpable in his death. He just made sure that the bizarre, twisted truth came out.


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