‘The architect speaks’ II

   Moshesj flashed an exasperated scowl at the ‘nutcase’ comment but suppressed the urge to retort. He needed the Doctor’s approval to get his ideas examined by the worldwide scientific community. A reciprocal war of insults would only make matters worse. Instead, he appealed his superior’s vanity with well deserved, but nauseating flattery.

   “A lot of people felt the same way about your ‘Harmonious Dynamics’ theory, Thomas. That is, until you proved them wrong. I seem to even remember a few critics even calling you a ‘loose inmate in the nut house of pseudo-science’. From that personal experience of being doubted, surely you can see a parallel of perspective in my case.”

   The doctor’s negative countenance softened considerably from the dual-edged-sword of flattery and applied logic. It had been wielded masterfully by his eager protégé . Thomas was far enough removed from his inflated sense of vanity to recognize Moshesj’s clever application of tact. 

   “Ok. Why don’t you explain your radical ‘en-LIGHTNING-ment’ theory again; from the top.” Dr. Van Allen couldn’t resist making one last jab. He was so pleased that he smiled at his own cringeworthy pun. “I’ll try to keep a more open mind this time. Lest you be ‘forced’ to insinuate I’m a hypocrite for doubting your radical idea. Heaven knows I caught enough flack from my theory at the time. I guess even the ‘craziest’ ideas should be considered without bias or prejudice. Science is always advancing. New things are discovered all the time which were laughed at shortly before. Tell me more about this revolutionary theory of yours, Moshesj. You have my undivided attention.”

   “As you know, I’ve been cataloging global storm patterns for my private research. The reality of the situation, is that it has become far more than a simple weekend hobby. I’ve been tabulating the frequency of electrical storms worldwide; and the number of lightning strikes reported for each. I notate all the technical data available and the level of intensity for each storm, the barometric shifts, rainfall, and wind speeds. I have also divided the geographic areas of the planet into different regions for categorization. 

   From my extensive, two year database of atmospheric activity, I compared everything I recorded using traditional and computer-aided scientific methods. Whenever possible, I have cross referenced my findings with established weather almanacs and existing information to correspond with my research. 

   To date, I’ve recorded and cataloged nearly 17.6 million lightning strikes across the world! I’ve documented such a massive number of kinetic events by using ultra-high-speed shutter digital recorders; attached to global weather satellite uplinks. International friends and colleagues have strategically placed many of these cameras on key mountain ranges for me.”

   Dr. Van Allen scratched his chin hair before speaking. “All I can say is wow, Mo! I’m impressed with the academic initiative and scientific controls you’ve displayed on your project. I had no idea you’ve been such a busy research ‘beaver’. It seems very compelling.”

   “Thanks sir. That means a great deal coming from you. I hope you can also accept what I’m about to say. Without idle boasting, I have compiled the world’s most extensive and detailed lightning strike database. No other study of its type even comes close to the amount of information I have collected. For this reason, it’s not illogical to accept that I could use my cross-referenced technical data to recognize complex, repetitive patterns that might have escaped earlier researchers, right?”

   Thomas nodded slowly. He agreed with Moshej’s general logic on the point but had obvious reservations to the implied conclusion. 

    “After cross referencing all of my data, I noticed an odd thing buried deep within the statistics. An anomaly kept standing out each time I ran the computer-aided simulations. As hard as it is to believe, l discovered a reoccurring, predictable pattern in the lightning strikes I recorded. It’s very complex, but it is there. I checked my numbers and weather modeling research dozens of times. It’s like clockwork! 

   I don’t want to suggest that I am the only person capable of discovering this, Thomas. It’s just that earlier researchers, using less extensive studies, older recording equipment; or analog cataloging systems, could not have seen the pattern. That’s no slight on anyone. Earlier studies were just hampered due to technical limitations.”

   Thomas was amused by his understudy’s pseudo-apologetic statement. He could tell that Mo had planned his spiel extensively. His sarcastic grin spurned Moshej to continue over-explaining.

   “It took a combination of advanced computer modeling, extensive data, powerful resources and a stroke of luck to see it. Modern technology has made comparing enormous databases like mine possible. Doing the same thing manually would have been impossible just a few years ago. With the same satellite uplink and digital recording equipment, any qualified researcher with the options I have, could have done it. Regardless, it was my effort and I’m taking credit for it.”


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