‘The architect speaks’ V

   The team decided to focus on why there were multiple lightning patterns across the world; and what it meant. After several unproductive meetings and heated discussions that lead nowhere, Aaron Thothstein timidly brought up his controversial observation again. 

   “Ladies and Gentlemen. I know it’s not a very popular notion among my nonbeliever colleagues here but the original pattern bears an undeniable similarity to vocal patterns in ancient Hebrew. I do not possess the technical expertise to analyze or explain this but it can not be a mere coincidence.” 

   His unspoken implication of ‘divine vocal manifestations’ loomed in the air like a rank, offensive odor. It was a supernatural, unscientific theory that no one else in attendance was willing to claim or validate. 

   Several of the atheist team members quickly denounced his suggestion as simplistic, superstitious and flawed. They pointed out that all the other lightning patterns were different and did not support his Hebrew language idea. Being the diplomatic soul that he is, the Rabbi offered a modified theory to appease his secular critics. He suggested that each unique pattern might somehow correlate to whatever ancient language was spoken by the indigenous people who lived in those geographic areas at the time. It was a brilliant diplomatic proposal that most of the team could get behind; despite the deeply-rooted religious overtones. 

   “If I understand what you are saying Rabbi, that is a very compelling idea! If the same complex message is being broadcast in many ancient tongues”; Moshesj pointed out; “then we might be able to translate one set of the ‘lightning code’ and use it to decipher other long-lost languages! In essence, it would be like a divine ‘Rosetta Stone’. 

   Of course, your hypothesis is an extreme long shot Aaron, but it does tentatively connect all the dots so far. If these lightning patterns really are a redundant message that was meant to be heard by different Bronze Age cultures, then it will ask questions that mankind may not be ready to hear. Let’s see what we can do about ‘translating’ the code.”

   “I don’t believe my ears! You must be kidding! Surely you aren’t suggesting that a sentient being capable of creating complex life forms would be unable to understand the modern languages we speak now, are you?”; Dr. Van Allen smirked with disgust. “Trying to communicate with modern man using an ‘undeciphered’ message to humanity with 6000 year-old dead languages, could hardly be defined as ‘divine’ or ‘omnipotent’.”

   “As usual Thomas, you oversimplify things to the point of self-defeat.”; Moshesj said in defense of Aaron’s theory. “Just examine the ants zipping back and forth on the windowsill outside this building. They aren’t even aware that we exist! If they heard us talking right now; they wouldn’t possess the ability to comprehend what we were saying either. They simply do not have the reasoning or higher brain function necessary to understand human-based speech. That’s not an insult to their species or a compliment to ours. It’s just a fact that a very broad developmental gulf exists between us and the ants. They do not even use a verbal sense of communication!”

   Dr. Van Allen started to interrupt but Mo raised his hand to silence him before continuing.

    “From what etymologists know about those tiny creatures, they use a series of scent based chemical messages to communicate complex ideas between themselves. Our spoken words would probably sound just like ‘thunder’ to them; that is if they can even hear us at all. 

   Also, their life span is very short when compared to ours. Therefore their existence is accelerated to compensate for only living a short period of time. Because they exist in a completely different time frame from humans, our actions would appear very slow, or almost imperceptible to them. It’s all a matter of perspective. We have to be able to think outside the confining box of knowledge that we live in.

   Now, can all of you see the point of maintaining an open mind? It’s not such a scientific leap to consider communication difficulties between two very different creatures, is it? Because of perception differentials, one species perspective of another would be skewed by its own limitations, not by the superiority of one or the other.”


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