‘The architect speaks’ VI

   There were some uncomfortable looks around the room but no one said anything in regard to Moshesj’s clever analogy.

   He continued on with his train of thought. “I ask you now. How is the relationship between humans and ants any different than it would be between a theoretical ‘Creator of the Heavens’ and us? Purely stated, we are just like the ants in this equation.

   Interestingly enough; despite being arguably the most evolved species on Earth, humans still can’t understand ants or vice versa. To a being that has lived ‘forever’; 6000 years would seem like ‘the blink of an eye’. Our various ramblings on this planet and linguistic evolution would be almost impossible to keep up with from a truly immortal perspective. Regardless of Creator to human, or human relationship to ant, it’s a one-way street with no bridge of communication in-between. That is all I am suggesting!”

    An attitude of general acceptance fell over the researchers but Thomas couldn’t hide the sour look on his face. He held his tongue as long as he could until his fiery dissent spewed out.

   “The difference here is that humans did not CREATE the ants, my friend. I’m not saying that Rabbi Thothstein’s creative theory about the lightning patterns isn’t intriguing; or that it holds no merit. I’m only trying to get everyone here to recognize what our numerous critics would say when presented with the same, very unscientific hypothesis!”

   “We go where the research and evidence takes us.”; Mo fired back. “Not where we think it should go. We can’t afford to let what we believe or don’t believe affect our trajectory. Bring too rigid in our thinking limits the quality of our theories and the conclusions. Is that expectation of flexibility a problem for you?” 

   “Moshej, you know as well as I do that the scientific method is to examine an idea in the light of intense scrutiny. Then you try to disprove it as many ways as possible. If it survives a merciless battery of heavy doubt and criticism, then it will hold creditability with just about anyone we would want to convince.  

   I’m just playing ‘the devil’s advocate’ here for the sake of argument, Ok? I sense that you see me as an opponent to our mutual progress, or some sort of malicious saboteur. That’s not true of me personally, or any of us that is skeptical of religion. We’re only trying to use the practiced methods of our craft to further validate this discovery for whatever it is.”

   Aaron and Mo shook their heads in mutual agreement. 

   Thomas concluded: “Mo, your ant analogy does make a lot of sense. Clearly the two of you have put a great deal of thought into this hypothesis. It’s just a massive undertaking for hardened scientists, mathematicians, and ‘doubting Thom-ASS-es’ like myself, to swallow.” The Doctor smiled at his own, self depreciating pun. 

   “Every day there are new things discovered which upsets the status quo of established concrete ‘facts’. Admittedly, some of those revelation pills are very bitter. Eventually our society manages to force these bitter pills down when undeniable evidence and time clear the way; but this is unprecedented.

   For our team to suggest that we have circumstantial proof of an omnipotent ‘creator of all life’; is going to be extremely controversial. To further claim that this omnipotent deity has been unsuccessfully attempting to communicate with us for thousands of years (because we were too dense to understand…) is going to absolutely ‘choke’ a lot of very rigid people. It’s just too much to accept; even for those who devoutly believe in spiritual things! 

   They do not want any variation in the foundations of their belief systems; even if it helps them to confirm the core tenants! It’s tantamount to telling the Catholic church that the Earth is not the center of the universe. You do remember what happened when that was brought up, right? You can expect some heavy Galileo-like backlash from those hardened in their ways, or anyone threatened by the ‘voice of God’, theory.”

   Moshesj thanked Thomas for his sincere logic and candor. It was both a valid concern and a needed balance of opinion. He was actually thankful for someone to help counter their own developing views on the matter. The rest of the I.L.R.T. members ran the gamut between being partially swayed by Moshesj’s example; to hardened skepticism over the radical ideas set forth. Since none of them had a better theory to suggest, they kept their misgivings to themselves for the time being.


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