‘The architect speaks’ VIII

   As expected, the International Lightning Research Team’s monumental revelation to the world changed everything. The news was met with unparalleled excitement, joy; and inversely for some, a great deal of fear. For the first time in history, indisputable scientific evidence existed of a sentient, non-human intelligence. Predictably; with news of this magnitude came waves of mass-hysteria, ‘rapture mania’ and worldwide religious chaos. Thomas had foreseen the ripple effect of their dramatic disclosure better than anyone else. Despite his best efforts to soften the blow, there was only so much that could be done. 

   The staggering idea of attempting to communicate with ‘the architect’ of everything in the world, was just too much for some people. It was all they could do to come to terms with the suggestion that there was an omnipotent being to address, at all.

   The general information released to the public was scrutinized mercilessly by various skeptics. They typically sought to discredit the ILRT’s findings, or to manipulate the data for their own ends. Several scientific organizations publicly denounced their findings as an outrageous hoax. Meanwhile, their lead scientists would ask in private to join their research effort. Every major government in the world wanted to translate the ultra complex code so they could be the first to ‘talk to God’. 

   Their one-dimensional, nationalistic motivation to gain an audience with ‘the ultimate super power’; missed the point. The human race was at the cusp of an incredible opportunity that had nothing to do with currying military favor. Perhaps being grounded in a more practical mindset than his dreamer colleagues, Dr. Van Allen expected it all along. He was fully prepared to defend their organization against constant attempts at usurping it for transparent, political gain.

   Only vetted, and closely scrutinized altruistic organizations were allowed to donate money to their research. The I.L.R.T. didn’t want ‘anonymous benefactors’ leaving bags of money on their doorstep, and then demanding full access to their data.

   Most countries were quick to offer their greatest archeological linguists and cryptographers but the shadowy military motivation of each was easy to recognize. For that reason, all the pertinent ILRT records were scattered among their worldwide offices. Each of the 12 global zones worked in absolute independence from each other; to prevent espionage, localized ‘architect code’ hacking or information piracy. The same splinter technique had proven very successful during World War II in the secretive development of the first atomic bombs. 

   As a further measure of security, all documents and correspondence between the splinter cells were encrypted with a complex scrambling algorithm. All in all, it was a very effective, multi-tiered system to thwart unauthorized access or covert paramilitary interference.


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