‘The architect speaks’ IX

   As interior spokesman and senior science director; Robert McKlusky stood before the videoconference podium and gave his weekly speech. The normal format of the broadcast was to only share general interest news and declassified progress with the worldwide cells. This news release was going to be different. He cleared his throat and began. 

    “Our esteemed colleague and founder Moshesj Mahmoud has put forth a fascinating new theory. I have been given the honor of revealing the top secret details at this time. Despite our security policy of maintaining a veil of secrecy between the different offices, it is sometimes necessary to share major ideas. This is one of those occasions where shared knowledge will enable us to work more effectively toward the same goal.

   Moshej believes that lightning is the visual manifestation of synaptic brain activity for the ‘Architect’! Just like with the human brain, he feels that these synaptic discharges trigger a physical response that we can see in the sky. In the case of atmospheric lightning, that direct response is the vocalized sound of thunder. I’m not sure if his powerful new theory could ever be proven conclusively, but it makes for considerable food for thought.”

   Looking around on the remote location monitors, Bob cringed and surveyed the audience reaction. Fully expecting a great uproar to the controversial sounding statement; he was amazed to see little or no negative reaction. Without giving further pause to allow them to change their civil reactions, he continued with his brief.

   “Over at the Tel Aviv office, Rabbi Thothstein has made groundbreaking progress linking our existing Middle East code fragments, to the ancient Hebrew language! This is a mammoth understatement but I feel that it bears repeating again. It is imperative for a complete set of lightning data to be collected from all 12 regions as soon as possible. We are at the dawn of a new era of humanity; one unlike any the human race has ever known. All of us have a sacred duty to fulfill this massive undertaking; and it will take our collective talents to complete the complex puzzle. 

   Next, I’d like to announce our newest team member. Carla Moreno-Childers is a renowned expert in unlocking complex encryption schemes. She will be working mostly at the US office. Her impressive expertise, combined with our team of top linguists, should prove invaluable to the success of our project.”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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