‘The architect speaks’ X

   As the official ‘Minister of public information’, it was Dr. Van Allen’s job to take their raw, undiluted ideas and ‘sugar coat’ them for worldwide consumption. He had to decide which of their findings to reveal to the press; and which things to withhold. It was a precarious position since the slightest miscalculation could possibly create a breakdown in society. As an agnostic scientist, the mere title of ‘minister’ gave him the ‘hebe-jebes’ but he enjoyed his important role he played within the organization.

   The team’s earth shattering revelations generated a curious, two-pronged effect on mankind. Mass hysteria and religious mania wreaked an ironic havoc on world peace. What should have brought a sense of calm to a war-weary world, instead caused chaos and frenzied disagreement. 

   On a more positive side of things; there was a universal admiration for Moshesj and his life-changing research. He became a revered ‘man of the people’; regardless of the ILRT’s refusal to affiliate with any specific religion. His discovery verified that there really was a greater entity in the universe. That timeless question had plagued mankind since the dawn of history. Now he offered something tangible for humanity to believe in, regardless of what deity it was. 

   Moshesj became the first leader in history to completely unite the earth. His project raised awareness that there really was a greater power in the universe. The anxious citizens of the Earth looked to the team to reveal everything there was to know about ‘the Architect’. The world desperately wanted to learn what his unknown message to mankind was. Time would reveal the answer.


   “Ladies and gentlemen. Phase 2 of our project is about to be realized. Can you believe it? We are nearing completion for the Middle Eastern region code!” Bob McKlusky made the exciting announcement to the international team members watching across the globe. “We have an almost complete set of data but there are still a few holes missing in the overall picture. Those small but significant missing parts are still preventing us from unlocking the ‘architect’s message’ but it’s only a matter of time until our linguistic code breakers fill in the remaining gaps! Who knows what universal wisdom is contained within the electrical polyphonic message?

   According to our satellite weather information; the final lightning sequences should be reoccurring in just a few days. For this reason, our humble founder will be present to collect the remaining data himself. Once Moshesj finishes collecting those tiny remnants of missing code, we can begin to process the entire complex picture. After the ‘characters’ are sequenced properly, we can finally translate the Architect’s message! We are at the very edge of being able to ‘listen’, my friends! To listen and understand a divine message from ‘The Spiral Architect’ of life itself! There are no words I, or anyone else could possibly render which could adequately describe what this will mean to mankind. With time and great linguistic study, we may even be able to respond, in a very primitive way! World peace may only be a few months in the future!”

   Ever the eternal optimist and peacemaker; Robert McKlusky knew how to rally his fellow researchers. Now it was Thomas Van Allen’s unenviable task to ‘sugar coat’ what should have been great news; to a world of warring nations not quite ready to accept absolute peace with it’s enemies. At the airport, Moshesj boarded the ILRT’s corporate jet to meet his former Mentor; Rabbi Thothstein. Ironically the two men decided to collect the final bit of remaining data on the oft-heralded Biblical peaks of Mt. Sinai. What more appropriate place could there be to complete the Architect’s mysterious code?

   During the flight, the plane was temporarily caught in a massive electrical storm before gaining altitude above the clouds. He smiled at the irony of being ‘talked to’ in a way that could inadvertently destroy the aircraft and all of those inside it. Carbon-based life is so fragile. Realizing how insignificant humans were to the being behind the complex message they were trying to decipher, helped to keep his constantly padded ego, in check. It would have been easy for Moshesj to feel ‘special’ with the countless international tributes and appeals for media interviews that he received daily. Realizing that it could all end in an instant, he did his best to never forget that sobering fact. Aaron met him at the terminal gate and gave him a warm, two handed greeting.


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