‘The architect speaks’ XIII

   “Ok. Lay it out for me, Mo. What do we know so far from our linguistic analysis of the code data? I need to shape the information in a way that resonates with the people but doesn’t overwhelm them.” 

   “Well, according to our rudimentary translation; our planet is essentially a giant terrarium. We are still struggling with certain details but from what we understand, The ‘Architect’ designed the Earth for educational purposes. The ‘Cliff’s Notes’ version is that all terrestrial life here is a global science experiment. The architect’s goal is to observe biological interactions between different life forms as they evolve. Through continued trial and error, ‘he’ hopes to become a better designer of life forms. The extinct simian primates of the past were basically a ‘rough draft’ or ‘work in progress’ in our evolution. That earlier anthropological research led to our current human state of development. 

   The good news about these huge revelations is that humanity is his crowning achievement thus far. The Architect has apparently learned a great deal from studying mankind. For lack of a more appropriate word, ‘he’ appears to be very ‘proud’ of his creation experiment, as a whole. The very bad news is that the architect is greatly disappointed in our war-like tendencies and our exploitation of the environment. In ‘frustration’, he’s been sending repetitive messages of angry rebuke for thousands of years!”

   Dr. Van Allen frowned discernibly at the dire implications.

   “Advanced in ways that we couldn’t even begin to understand, the Architect anticipated that one day our intellectual development would allow us to decode his message. While still in our evolutionary infancy, we have accepted the ambitious goal to fully decipher; and eventually even communicate back with ‘him’ in a meaningful way. 

   For now, we utilize global satellite services and the most powerful supercomputers on Earth; just to achieve the basic ‘language’ comprehension of a small child. It’s all just baby steps that we are employing to connect with something far greater than ourselves!”

   Thomas listened to the detailed cryptological report with fascination and impatience. He was anxious to ask related questions before he lost his train of thought. “Are there any scientific details about what exactly this being is? Where did ‘he’ come from? What are his future plans for us?”

   “This is purely speculation on my part but judging from what we know of his past methodology, he might just wipe the slate clean and start over with all new life forms. We have so little capacity to grasp the thought processes of a prater-human entity like this designer of life. As I outlined before, we are probably no more important than ants to him. Our lack of civility and social progress has apparently displeased him greatly.”

   “How can you possibly know the mood of the architect of humanity? That seems a bit presumptuous to assume that he is ‘unhappy’ with our progress. Isn’t that just ascribing frail, human-like emotions to an extra terrestrial deity?”

   “Thomas, Thomas. I know you aren’t interested in the extremely technical code breaker details but this example should answer your question. For lack of a better analogy, almost all of the architect’s statements have the exact same number of polyphonic syllables. While each of those statements are completely unique, they are presented with a perfectly-formed rhythm and balanced cadence. Each ‘verse’ is incredibly poetic and profound. That level of measured perfection is no accident. In the hundreds of millions of these verses that we have (at least) partially deciphered, all but three have the same number of syllables.”

   “All but three? Out of hundreds of millions? Sheesh! I can see why they stood out to the team. Why were they different and what were they about?”

   “At first we assumed those anomalies were just partial fragments that we were missing data on. We triple checked our sequencing order and there is no missing information. They were deliberately shorter than the others for reasons that were not readily apparent. We even had to invent a new linguistic algorithm to translate them since the regular ‘speech’ pattern algorithms didn’t work.”

    Thomas leaned forward in excited anticipation. “Come on, Moshej! I’m literally on the edge of my seat. Tell me what those three anomalies are about!” 


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3 Responses to ‘The architect speaks’ XIII

    • Bo Bandy says:

      Thank you. I am very proud of the idea. My execution of fleshing out the story is a work in progress but I think it’s a pretty unique concept.

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      • It all takes time. I write the original Tolk story years ago for my daughter. When I was beginning a re write to bring it more into the adult category I realised it needed a history. So we have The Banishing just published. Book two Wellmark is the current WIP so I guess “fleshing out” is another process. good luck.

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