‘The architect speaks’ XIV

   “The first instance of a short verse in the architect’s code is related to the well-known Old Testament story of ‘The Tower of Babel’. According to our translation, the architect became enraged at mankind and sent a DNA-altering virus to infect their brain’s speech center, in order to separate them. Unlike the conclusion reached by biblical writers, his anger had nothing to do with them trying to build a ziggurat up to heaven. They had no chance of reaching a metaphysical realm with a physical tower anyway. His great frustration was because they were fighting amongst themselves and wasting their lives over pointless things. After that, he added the eleven other Babel-era languages to his reoccurring message in the lightning storms. From those 12 original ‘tongues’ and the groups of people who he changed psychologically to speak them, grew the many ethnic groups and languages that we have today.

   The second anomaly is tied to a catastrophic event that occurred approximately 4400 years ago. Whether a person identifies more with the story Noah’s Arc, the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’; or any of the existing flood folktales, it doesn’t matter. While the hero’s name wasn’t mentioned in the account, according to the architect, a global flood did happen with only a handful of protected survivors. In the abbreviated passage, words like ‘fury’ and ‘wrath’ are used to describe his agitated ‘mood’. Seemingly with the wave of his hand, he flooded the planet to drown his failed experiment and start over! This should be more than enough evidence to convince you that the creator has definitely experienced strong, primal emotions on occasion. It also verifies that the three exceptionally short verses are connected to rare emotional experiences. In our extensive research, only they contain wording or descriptions that allude to dark, human-like emotions.”

   “Ok. I follow your logic on that point Moshej. We always expect that if there really is a creator, he or she wouldn’t be saddled by the folly or weakness of human emotion. Perhaps we have inherited that fragile condition from him, after all. Your conclusions on the matter appear to be well researched. Have they also been soundly validated by independent sources? If so, do they agree with these radical findings? Having the blessing of independent linguistic and cryptological experts would make acceptance by the public a lot easier.”

    “Some of it is open to interpretation and a few of our independent auditors are not in complete agreement but for the most part, we have the support of the worldwide scientific research community. Despite the fringe areas of skepticism present in some quarters, I think we need to move forward with these revelations as soon as possible.”

   “Oh, by the way; you didn’t mention what the third short verse was about.”

   “Moshej grew silent and looked away. “This is the BIG one, Thomas. It’s the reason why I am insisting that you prepare your greatest speech for the world. I know you are still a skeptic about some of these supernatural matters but it’s of the utmost importance that you review our research immediately. Hopefully you will come to the same conclusions about it.”

   “What could be bigger than what you’ve already told me? I can’t imagine…”

   “By his infinitely-extended standard of time, the architect has actually spoken relatively recently. It seems that after World War Two, he was startled and infuriated by mankind’s widespread use of atomic weapons. Reading between the lines, it’s obvious that he now considers the Earth and its bloodthirsty conquerors to be an evolutionary failure. He has vowed to completely destroy the Earth if we do not achieve immediate peace and stop ruining the planet. This destruction decree was made in 1949. Even by his timeline, we may only have a short time left to establish a global peace and change his mind.”


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