‘The architect speaks’ XV

(This statement is for immediate global distribution in all languages) 

   “Fellow ladies and gentlemen of Earth. We address you on the eve of dire circumstances. Our esteemed colleagues at the ILRT have worked diligently to decipher the Architect’s mysterious lightning code. We are proud to report that we have made amazing progress in this critical endeavor. His direct message to us has been repeating for thousands of years in the hopes that one day we would evolve enough to comprehend it. That day has come but the reality of the details may come as a great shock to some. We ask for civility and calm as the population of the Earth absorbs these startling words. 

   Billions of people have lived and died with preconceived notions about our creator and what was he desires of us. Many of us either follow regional holy books, or our own inner-conscience as a guide and moral compass. We want to have a personal relationship with the being that designed the universe, the Earth and humanity. That lofty goal places ourselves on a high perch next to the Architect of all life. It is a compelling fantasy but unfortunately it isn’t possible. 

   Now that we have empirical data and personal affidavits from his own coded testimony, we know a great deal about the Architect. There is an infinite developmental gulf between our species and the designer of all life in the universe. We have romanticized a close relationship with him and two-way communication (in the form of individual prayer) because we fear death. 

   That fear of death is the one unifying thing in the universe. We know that we will all die. Although it is a comforting thought, the architect is uninvolved in the mundane details of our individual lives. He is so far beyond our level of comprehension that we are little more than a curious science experiment. Unfortunately we have determined by deciphering a recent message that he is very frustrated at humanity again.  

   On at least two prior occasions in ancient times, he directly acted against mankind to ‘start over’. This time he is adopting a more passive role by allowing us to create our own global apocalypse. Greenhouse gasses, toxic pollution and nuclear warheads will soon bring about our downfall according to his message. The architect has vowed to not interfere with our self-destruction and to let our race run its inevitable course. 

   Our esteemed leader Moshej Mahmoud and his assistant Rabbi Aaron Thothstein are desperately working on a direct message to him. They are composing what they hope will be an earnest, effective plea to ask him to step in and spare us. This elementary message will be delivered via seeding the clouds of Mt. Sinai with negative ions. For the first time in history, the architect of life will actually hear us ‘speak’! We can only hope that our simplistic plea will be understood, well received and will spare us from the immanent destruction he has predicted. 

   In the meantime, on behalf of the citizens of Earth, we ask that all of you remain calm, loving, and focused on establishing a global peace initiative. Our mutual salvation depends upon it.

Robert McKlusky 
(Ministry of information)


    “We can’t release this, Mo! It’s too brash and abrasive. Let me take another crack at it. It’ll cause a global panic for the deeply religious. We’ll also be the laughing stock of the international research community! Neither side will react in the way that we are hoping for them to. it’s just too much truth. Let me water it down a bit first.”

   “It wouldn’t be the first time the devout have panicked in fear, is it? We’ve certainly been ridiculed by mainstream science before too. With ridicule and criticism comes debate, research validation; and eventually acceptance. If I had told you ANY of this five years ago, you would have laughed in my face. Now we stand at the edge of a great abyss. Either we take the necessary steps and wait for the masses to eventually accept our message, or we risk total annihilation and nothingness. If it’s to be, it’s up to us alone. We have to complete this monumental task without diluting the message. No one else is going to…” 

   “Fulfill this ‘prophesy’?”; He sneered sarcastically. He had invoked one of the strongest ‘forbidden’ words that is the antithesis of science. 

   “Go ahead and mock the situation, Thomas. I know you’ve had a difficult time accepting the very unscientific reality that we discovered but what else would you call it? Aaron and I were somehow prophesied to lead the people to salvation; and out of a symbolic ‘bondage’. The story of Moses and his high priest Aaron; was written 3000 years ago. Is that not the very definition of a prophecy? Surely you don’t believe that the two of us seeding clouds on Mt. Sinai to ‘speak’ to the architect for the first time is only a coincidence, do you?” 

   Thomas stood in silent defeat. 

   “Give the speech to Robert exactly as it is, Thomas. It has to be done.”


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