‘The architect speaks’ XVI 

   “Now wait just a minute here! You are saying that the president and founder of the ILRT is actually ‘Moses’ from the Old Testament? Doctor Van Allen, please explain to our viewers where this fantastic claim comes from! The audience members would surely appreciate some clarity in the matter.” The television anchor paused for a moment to allow the studio audience to confirm by applause.

   “Yes, of course. I’d be happy to explain.”; Thomas agreed. “In the architect’s complex lexicon, I’m told that the ‘tense’ of certain statements can be tricky to verify. After months of grueling investigation, our team of linguists determined that the ancient story of Moses and his high priest Aaron, wasn’t about a past event at all. The architect himself has provided knowledge of certain events which haven’t transpired at the time of his statement. This prophesy is one of those occasions. 

   Somehow the Old Testament writers in the book of Genesis foretold of Moshej’s future role in preventing this global apocalypse. It isn’t clear if they knew it was a future event or not, but the architect knows. He worded his account in such a way that there can be no doubt about the validity of our claims.”

   “I see. Can you share some of your research data with us to prove that? Currently, you are asking us to just blindly accept your jaw dropping statements without any scientific corroboration. I ask you, would you take your word for it?”

   “No. I suppose I wouldn’t but each deciphered verse contains a massive enigma. It takes more than six weeks of supercomputer computations and a team of linguists comparing patterns to crack each one. There’s no way to simplify the coding and translation process enough that a layman could read a couple paragraphs and fully understand. What we offer instead is to issue an independent peer-review and validation.” 

   “Looking to make a point and entertain his audience, the host displayed a look of bemusement. “Surely you can understand that telling the world that you possess indisputable proof of God (but you can’t ‘share’ it with the rest of us), would cause a lot of skepticism, right?”: He remarked. 

   “As a man who has dedicated his life to the advancement of science, I assure you that I completely understand that level of skepticism. I really do. I’m not here to endorse or refute any organized religion. I was incredibly skeptical myself for the longest time while working with the brilliant ladies and gentlemen of the International Lightning Research Team. After several years of playing the devil’s advocate, they were able to dissolve all my doubts and verify their research. Their scientific methods and absolute commitment to the facts are unparalleled. For those sincere reasons, I’m going to offer a very ironic recommendation. All the skeptics out there will just have to have faith.”

   The cameramen and studio stage hands roared with laughter and that triggered Thomas to actually snort at his clever jab at organized religion. He explained to the news show host that there were a number of difficult-to-prove scientific principles that were accepted by everyone without proof. 

    “The floor, walls, ground and everything else we see is made up of atoms.”; He began. “How many people in the viewing audience have actually seen a real atom through an electron microscope? Not many, I’d bet. Despite that, how many people doubt that atoms exist, or that they are held together by gravity? Without gravity we would all float off into space and die of starvation and loneliness.”

   The host laughed at his light hearted anecdote.

   “Gravity is an invisible force that holds everything together and yet, no one has actually seen gravity. We only seen the result of its influence. At some point, a science teacher has explained those abstract principles to everyone and yet without proof, they are still accepted. “Just because we can’t afford to spend six months with every person on Earth to explain the incredibly complicated details, doesn’t mean that we aren’t sure of what have revealed. 

   We are absolutely sure about the core details and agree (to varying degrees) on less researched, minor matters. Regardless, there are a number of key facts that we all agree on: 

• The incredibly complex pattern of electrical storm data that our founder recognized was actually an organized, reoccurring statement from an extraterrestrial being. 

• That being has been waiting more than six thousand years for someone on Earth to decipher the code and understand the verses. 

• Those verses contain details about the author; which for neutrality reasons we have dubbed ‘The architect’. 

• The verses also contain details about the Earth’s past, present and future. 

• While the accuracy of our translations continue to improve with experience, we are able to get the gist of them now. 

• The architect is angry at mankind for nuclear weapons, war and biological pollution. 

• While we do not posses an exact date, the architect has vowed to not interfere with an upcoming global cataclysm (because he wants to start over). 

   For these reasons, we have divulged our research in order to hopefully reverse the direction that the world is in. If we are successful in undoing the destructive policies and in contacting ‘him’, we may be able to undo his apathy about mankind. Only the architect could shield us or prevent the predicted destruction of the Earth.”


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