‘The architect speaks’ XVII

   Dr. Van Allen’s powerful appearance on the news program did more to convince people than any of their previous efforts had, combined. An impressive number of hardcore skeptics were swayed by his impassioned words but motivating governmental entities was another matter. The continual gridlock of international politics prevented progress in many areas. Individuals were convinced but national regimes and countries were not. Politicians desperate to hold onto their power expended great effort to silence or discredit the ILRT. In the end, the people were powerless to achieve the necessary objectives by themselves.

   Recognizing the predictable failure of world governments to relinquish control and make sincere efforts to correct the problems, the team held an emergency meeting to discuss strategy ideas. First the itemized the probable reasons why so little progress was being made. Then they brainstormed for ways to turn that around. 

   “I think a large part of the issue is that relinquishing nuclear weapons would make the super powers feel vulnerable. The people inside those countries may want a warhead-free world but those in charge of national security are too paranoid of letting their nationalistic guard down. There are even rumors circulating that our whole project is merely a military smokescreen to disarm the world through propaganda. No matter how much credible data we supply to the contrary, those conspiracy theories will always exist with some heads of state.”

    “That’s a very valid observation Robert.”; Mo remarked. “We may have won the hearts and minds of most people but no matter where you are on this planet, the people are ruled by unthinking government bureaucrats. This may vary in degrees from one place to another but even with the Democratic republics, they are still afraid that other countries would not disarm themselves. If we could find a way to convince the ruling class that other nations have followed through, we might achieve a domino effect. It would only take a few disarmament pioneers to influence the others. Now the question is, how do we achieve that? More importantly, how could we convince the others to trust that it has officially happened?”

   “As long as there are sovereign nations, there will always be defensive leaders that will refuse to accept what we say about the mission. Either that, or they believe us (on an intellectual level), but are still unwilling to view the world in a more singular mindset. Letting go of nationalism on a global scale would alleviate almost all of the gridlock; but honestly, I don’t see that happening. Scaring the people into pressuring their governments into compliance will only lead to massive bloodshed. There has to be a better way than pushing for a global revolt.”

   “Agreed Thomas, but how?”

   “Man has struggled for thousands of years to get its leaders to follow their will. It’s not exactly a new problem; but it’s taken on a whole new level of importance now. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer, Mo. I just ask the uncomfortable questions around here.”

   “That you do Thomas. That you do; and you are right. In technological advancements, humanity has come a long way but some facets of human nature never change. Those in power hold onto it with grim determination. Perhaps the ‘will of the people’ is an illusion. Until we can convince the powers that be to relinquish control, our entire mission is in jeopardy.

   Moving on to the next order of business, how is the linguistic sequencing coming along, Aaron? Will our first message to ‘the Architect’ be ready in time for the planned communication date?”
End of part 3


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