‘The architect speaks’ XXII

   Robert and Thomas were anxious to hear details about the new message but were surprised and infuriated to be denied access to the transcripts. Both men went straight to Moshej’s office to demand an explanation. “Gentlemen. Please sit down. I value your irreplaceable contributions to our project but things just became infinity more complicated. I intended to brief both of you (and the rest of the senior staff members) when I have more concrete details. Obviously it should have been handled with more finesse and planning. 

   The sobering fact is, Aaron and I were addressed exclusively in the new message. We have been commanded to push forward with our worldwide peace objectives in a more forceful, less lawful manner. It seems that the architect is very displeased with our limited momentum thus far in using traditional methods of swaying public opinion. By escalating our efforts, it will put us in harm’s way. Aaron and I didn’t want to put anyone else at risk until we fleshed out a wise plan of attack.”

   “What the hell does that mean, Mo?”; Thomas snarled. As someone who had been present since the formative years, the thought of being excluded this late in the situation really made him hot under the collar. “Don’t you think that having a full security detail and a team of world-class lawyers already implies that we are taking a considerable daily risk?”

   “Yes, we have dealt with many legal challenges and daily threats to our safety but it’s nothing compared to how dangerous it’s about to get. The powerful governments we are fighting will surely brand us international ‘terrorists’ or a ‘rogue espionage organization’, in their zeal to retain control. I don’t want to be responsible for placing an assassin’s crosshairs on you, Robert or any of our dedicated officials. Until Aaron and I can weigh our options and do a detailed threat assessment, we want to employ secrecy regarding our future plans.”

   “That’s all well and good, Moshej but the electrical storm is still raging with no end in sight! As long as this blasted global blitzkrieg continues, all eyes are upon us for answers. They are waiting for a statement. Will it ever end? They are anxious for hope.” Robert had an uncanny knack at cutting to the heart of the issue.

   “Keeping both Thomas and I in the dark is your prerogative, I guess”; he continued “but if someone from our organization doesn’t make an official announcement soon, the public will make up its own story about the mystery of the new message. It’s frightening people who are already convinced of our validity. Why don’t you let us help? I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are fully committed to the project, no matter where it takes us.”

   Seeing the steadfast commitment in the eyes of the two men, Mo nodded. “Ok, as you wish. Honestly, we were not trying to marginalize your essential roles, guys. Aaron and I were just trying to protect the two of you from getting involved in an increasingly dangerous situation that neither of you expected. Once the other senior members of the staff are briefed about the new direction of the ILRT, there will be no backing out and no deniability.”

   “What exactly do you mean by ‘escalating our efforts’, Moshej? Just how aggressive are we being asked to become in these ‘peace’ efforts?”

   “Well, Aaron and I have been commanded to bring ‘great plagues’ against the stalwart governments who refuse to cease their destructive actions. At this early point, we have no idea if those ‘plagues’ are supposed to be literal ‘locusts’, ‘rivers of blood’ and ‘fire from the sky’; or if that was just Old Testament symbolism. Regardless of the tactics we employ to accomplish these ‘motivations’, our efforts to force compliance will be met with considerable resistance. We anticipate a very bumpy ride. Now, are you with us?”


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