‘The architect speaks’ XXIII

   “I’m uncomfortable promoting or using violence, Moshej. That almost sounds like an Orwellian, New World Order.”; Robert remarked. “I’m going to need some time to think about any radical shift in our mission statement or team practices. Doesn’t anything that is accomplished by force or coercion defeat the point of peace?”

   “It wouldn’t be a ‘NEW world order’, because we’ve never had true order, Bob. Not once in the entire history of mankind has there been a sustained period of peace. It would just be true, global harmony for the first time. It’s a lofty goal that many have strived for but all in the past have failed. Lust for power always gets in the way of good intentions. With the Architect bypassing predictable imperfections of humanity and establishing control, billions of people will live in a new age of peace and prosperity.” 

   Reluctantly, both men (and most of the senior staff) agreed to continue with the rapidly evolving mission. For the remaining individuals who still objected on conscientious grounds, they were allowed to quietly resign in exchange for their complete silence. 

   Meanwhile the world was paralyzed with fear about the unprecedented atmospheric storm. Aaron explained that he used the marker at the end of the Architect’s message to predict it’s approaching finale. After more than six weeks (and trillions of earth-to-ground strikes), it finally abated. 

   Afterward, a very grateful population weary from fear was eager to follow any ILRT recommendation or request. It was that massive wave of new public support that carried their mission to its next phase. (An era where the individual believers pushed back against the insolence of their secular governments). It was described as a ‘plague’ of internal resistance. 

   Slowly, individual opinion pushed back against the faceless institution of every state. Soon there was enough force to make most of the remaining regimes crumble. Fear, science and propaganda were deftly combined into a potent brew of political action. A few opportunistic regimes tried to reverse their progress and seize disarmed neighbor states (but the ILRT wasn’t about to give up its momentum). 

   Aaron announced that the architect would soon send ‘a great punishment’ against the remaining disobedient governments for their ‘aggressive and warlike ways’. The people within those borders feared the angry wrath of the creator; far more than their oppressive human leaders. One by one they stepped forward and overthrew the last remaining holdouts to global peace. Finally, for the first time in history, the world was without borders and conflicting governments. The ILRT was the voice of the architect. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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