‘The architect speaks’ XXIV

   “Aaron, there’s something that has been troubling me. When we released the ‘great punishment’ statement to convince the last remaining countries to surrender their arms, we hadn’t received any new storm data. What was the source of the threatening ultimatum which you provided to the press then?”

   “Mo. Mo. Moses. Relaxxxx. There shouldn’t be anything that troubles you anymore! You are the divine face of the Architect! There can be no higher praise. The world looks to you for guidance. You are the chosen one.”

   “That doesn’t answer my question. How could you translate a pattern message that was never articulated to any of us?”

   Aaron smiled in a way that made Moshej feel very uncomfortable. “I suppose my next question should be, WHO chose me?”

   “Mo, you are far-too-clever for your own good. Surely at some point you must have suspected that I am ‘the architect’, right? We are a waring race that is tempted by greed, lust and a desire to control and dominate others. With our bloodthirsty political leaders, humanity would never achieve peace on its own; or from belief in countless competing religious deities. I saw an opportunity at real peace and I seized it. Not for personal gain or glory, but for the sincere benefit of mankind. Just like storytellers of ancient times, I weaved existing stories, convenient folklore and some technical science to add validity to it all. 

   It took a strong belief and a profound fear of a new, undefined supernatural entity to achieve this true peace. No amount of personal diplomacy could have made it happen! I know that and I honestly believe you realize it too. Doesn’t the end result of worldwide tranquility like this justify my benevolent deception?”

   Moshej was speechless at the raw, undiluted facts from the mouth of the true ‘architect’. Subconsciously he had probably known for a while but the fantasy was too big to question or dismantle. He wanted to believe. The rest of the ILRT wanted to believe. The whole world wanted to believe that the ‘designer of life’ was present, and still involved with their daily lives. It was a crushing blow. His strong instinct of denial attempted to unravel the bitter truth by pointing out ways it couldn’t be true. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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