‘The architect speaks’ XXV (conclusion)

   “What about that six-week-long electrical storm that convinced so many of our remaining skeptics? Even we do not possess the technology to create something of that magnitude! How do you explain that, Aaron?”

    “You are right my friend. No one could fake that. It was just crazy luck that the Earth happened to experience a freak, unusually-long atmospheric anomaly”; he grinned. “One of my astronomer friends from the university informed me that a massive solar flare was about to cause widespread lightning strikes across the planet. The meteorological result of which, was a sustained ionic storm that affected the entire biosphere. 

   Always being an opportunist, I worked the unexpected solar flare event into a believable story for our advantage. The majority of people already believed. I just manipulated the data from it into a ‘new Architect message’ framework, to convince the final stalwarts. The severity and lengthy duration of this phenomenon really drove the point home.”

    Time and again, Aaron was able to explain every mysterious feat that he was quizzed about. Moshej though back to all the times that Aaron had obviously been pretending to be excited. His reactions were convincing as each fake milestone was reached. Somehow he had masterminded the whole brilliant shebang. It was without a doubt, the most successful and detailed deception in the history of mankind. Embarrassingly, he’d been duped just like all the others. Moshej weighed his personal anger (at being made a bogus figurehead in an unparalleled misinformation scam); versus the undeniable good that had come from it. Eventually he decided to just let it go.

   “Promise me that we will never use ‘the architect’s messages’ for any sort of personal gain… and Aaron …please don’t ever tell Thomas the truth! I’ll never hear the end of it.”

The end
For anyone who has read this whole thing, I thank you. Even though I have written over 200 short stories, it has been my first effort at a novella. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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