‘The smart gun’ II

    Whatever civility or order he might have hoped for quickly dissipated, as the desire for answers grew. He pointed to a well dressed lady in the front row of the animated crowd.

   “Irene Biaz; ‘Daily Telegraph’. You mentioned that if the user of your new product was angry while holding it, the safety mechanism would prevent it from operating. Couldn’t a homeowner be angry AND afraid that someone was breaking into his house?”

   The Victor representative smiled at the challenging question. No ‘soft balls’ were going to be thrown at him first to warm him up, at the press conference. He was already feeling the ‘heat’ on the very ‘first pitch’. 

   “While it is theoretically possible to be angry under those circumstances, according to our exhaustive studies, the chances are quite minuscule. The overwhelming emotion experienced during a home invasion is simply fear of the unknown. Those fear enzymes are triggered naturally by adrenaline. They would secrete through the owner’s palm sweat and into the handle sensor in less than three seconds! During the incredibly rare instances of dual emotions, the Smart Gun would unlock and be ready to use.   

   We are striving to balance critical reaction time; with the unfortunate tendency to overreact in many of them. If enough time elapses during the confrontation for the police to intervene, it would prevent the need for personal self-defense.”

   A man near the back stood up and waved vigorously until he was called upon.

   “Jeff Stone: ‘International News Network’. What if the intruder in your ‘last resort’ scenario also bought one of these ‘Smart Guns’? Couldn’t he be apprehensive or afraid BECAUSE he is breaking in to rob the homeowner? Under those circumstances, his Victor revolver would be unlocked and ready to use against the homeowner, right? I mean, you can’t control why people are afraid, can you?”

   “First of all, that would actually be apprehension; and it isn’t a strong enough emotion to unlock the weapon. Second; if the homeowner wasn’t armed, our Smart Gun would not fire at him. If he was also armed with our new firearm, he’d be able to defend himself against any armed invader. That is all that could be expected of any firearm, right? The same is true whether we are talking about our new product or a traditional ‘dumb gun’. By offering so many advanced safety features, we feel that the era of those traditional firearms is over! 

   There are no guarantees in life. We just aim to offer a safer firearm for self-defense purposes. Anything can be misused. Next question please. The lady in the third row beside the fire extinguisher. What is your question.”

   “Rhonda Perkins: ‘National Radio Association’. If the emotion of fear itself is enough to unlock the weapon, couldn’t a person with Schizophrenia or other hallucinatory mental illnesses use it against innocent people they are afraid of? Fear can be genuine and still irrational, correct?”

   The beleaguered spokesman sighed deeply in exasperation. “As I stated earlier, the sophisticated logic circuitry scans the area to determine if the authorized user is in legitimate danger. If no deadly weapon is in their immediate vicinity, it wouldn’t matter if the person had irrational fears. It still wouldn’t unlock. It requires a complex series of necessary events before the firearm is armed. Without all of the criteria, it will not work. Also, our extensive background checks would preclude anyone with a history of mental illness or criminal activity from owning our products.”

   The spokesman pointed next to a well dressed gentleman in the back of the room, hoping for a higher quality of questions.


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