‘The smart gun’ III

   “Harold Stedman: ‘The New York Herald’. You mentioned earlier that the weapon was designed to be ‘child proof’; as a direct result of Mr. Victor’s personal tragedy.”

   The spokesman nodded slowly. Mentally he chastising himself for adding that sensitive detail to his speech. Too many gun-control activists used the well-publicized accident to embarrass and humiliate Mr. Victor during his grief. 

   “What sort of child-proofing does the gun contain? Will it restrict usage for all children under a certain age, or only if the child hasn’t been authorized by the owner?”

   The speaker breathed a sigh of relief. It was the first reasonable question of the night. “Hopefully no one would authorize a weapon for a small child but theoretically anyone with a palm is compatible with the technology. The decision to do so would fall purely to the discretion and responsibility of the owner. We firmly believe the right age and maturity level to be entrusted with the awesome power of a firearm is best determined by responsible parents and gun owners.”

   A lady raised her hand insistently on the third row. The speaker recognized that she had a follow up question to the one he had just answered. He pointed at her.

    “Mary Friedberg: ‘Guns & Ammo Magazine’. I have a follow up to Mr. Stedman’s question. If a single parent wanted to teach older children how to defend themselves, would your Smart Gun function for training purposes? In other words, can this weapon be made to function at an official firing range; in the absence of fear or malice? I’d hate to think It would still be necessary to use a regular gun for target practice.” 

    The speaker took a moment to digest her poignant, very tricky question. It brought up several sensitive marketing points that required finesse to navigate. 

   “The Victor Smart Gun doesn’t require extensive training. Because of the microchip ID on the grip, there is no traditional safety switch to fumble with and turn off. In the unfortunate event of a real crisis, your teenager, I mean… the teenager would only have to point it and shoot, to defend themselves.”

   The first 45 minutes of the press conference had went reasonably well but (like everything else), all good things come to an end. The BIG ‘fish’ was still waiting. The one he dreaded dealing with. He reluctantly pointed to the smiling ‘shark’ near the back.


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