‘God of Atheists’ I

   In a metaphysical dimension beyond human understanding, a sentient being dwelled in nothingness. The omnipotent creature remained in this formless solitude for incalculable eons. For reasons only know to this solitary entity, it decided to create a physical, tangible realm. This world occupied a space where there had only been void before. Our universe of infinite stars and all things contained therein, began through a chain of unprecedented, whimsical events. 

   From the elemental building blocks of amino acids and spiral DNA, sprang the earliest forms of microscopic life. Countless millennia passed on Earth. Through the process of mutation and natural evolution, more complex life forms developed within the primordial ooze. Each new species had the same built-in mission statement: to live, prosper and reproduce. It was the basic precept to the code of life. 

   For lack of a more appropriate term, ‘the architect’ watched with passing interest. Countless species would thrive for a time and then dwindle to extinction. Their entire lifespan would be little more than a blink in the overall scheme of things. Nevertheless, ‘he’ tried to learn something from each of them. Like any good artist, he studied their progress and failings. Through this methodical observation, he hoped to learn how to build more successful life forms in the future. 

   As with the earlier reptilian creatures, he witnessed the progressive epoch of mammals and primates. Then came the exceptional dawn of the human species. From the earliest beginnings to the eventual rise and fall of each primitive civilization, there were polarizing highs and lows. Despite human complexities and greater promise in brain development, the end of each homo sapien empire was relentlessly predictable. They rose and fell through the same elemental failings. 

   Humans quarreled over perceived territory. They fought wars over precious metals. They battled for mates and killed each other over insignificant physical differences. No matter how many generations came and went, their progress was stunted by primitive stumbling blocks. All for reasons and behavior unworthy of the most advanced species yet created. While such erratic behavior was but a minor distraction; the preposterous charade of believing they were in direct spiritual contact with ‘him’, elicited a perplexed fascination. 

   Throughout their inconsequential history, human beings pretended to communicate telepathically with their imaginary gods, via totems and idols. They convinced themselves that no matter how events actually transpired, it was all ‘divinely’ overseen by the spiritual benefactor of their choosing. Despite receiving no confirmation or acceptance to these bizarre rituals, sacrifices and prayers; they continued to follow their nonexistent deities without pause or reason. Priests and shamans made up rules to live by. These spiritual charlatans told their followers that the ‘commandments’ were divinely handed-down, from the creator of the world. 

    ‘Salesman’ of these metaphysical myths invented sacred names for their gods and told fantastic stories of their mystic origins. In complete absence of verifiable facts or tangible proof, the followers clung to the comforting, hollow words of religious folktales. Subconsciously they did this to ease the grief of immanent mortality.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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2 Responses to ‘God of Atheists’ I

  1. History to Fiction says:

    An interesting article on Earths Evolution, as we but started from a speck of dust in space, to a living breathing planet, occupied by the human race we see before us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bo Bandy says:

      The idea started for me as: ‘What if the non believers had philosophical views or lifestyles which the creator of the universe actually preferred over blind, unverified ‘faith’.

      Liked by 1 person

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