‘Not just another face in the crowd’ chapter 3

Chapter 3: End of Denial

   Three instructors refused to teach because of the strange occurrences which plagued their classrooms. Two others were threatening to quit soon if it continued. Mr. Sizemore had to alternate between teaching classes himself and performing his regular administrative duties. He couldn’t offer the frightened faculty any logical reasons for the bizarre happenings. He simply had none to give. Worse still, he was beginning to doubt there were going to be any scientific explanations to uncover. One simply couldn’t explain the strange happenings in any practical terms. 

   The ‘final straw’ came when a series of photographs were taken for a news article on the school. The newspaper photographer requested to reshoot them since all his negatives had odd, double exposures. Mr. Sizemore didn’t have to ask what the ‘odd blemishes’ looked like. He had a pretty good idea what to expect. 

   As a man of reason and logic, he sought to dismiss any supernatural possibilities but he was absolutely out of plausible excuses. Even his stubborn logic dictated that if his personal theories could not explain the weird circumstances, it was time to broaden the scope of acceptable possibilities. Something had to be done.

    With talented instructors quitting left and right, he decided to visit some paranormal researchers at the local University. Although skeptical, three students and the departmental head came over to investigate. In their field, they couldn’t afford to ignore any paranormal accounts (in case there was factual truth to the reports). 

   They were aware that most cases turn out to be explainable phenomena or deliberate hoaxes for publicity. A man in Headmaster Sizemore’s position however, would stand to lose far more than he could hope to gain from such a risky farce. They set up sensitive electrical sensors around the school and received extraordinary readings almost immediately. That night the campus was a meeting place between two very different worlds.


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Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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