‘Not just another face in the crowd’ (conclusion)

Chapter 4: Performance

   A university student named John Demante was placed in a deep trance by the paranormal psych professor. His body was used as a medium for the mischievous spirit to communicate with those present. After confirming who the entity was, the ghost of Ryan Green was asked why he wasn’t at peace. The response was as simple as it was shocking. 

   The wayward apparition explained his overwhelming disappointment at missing out on the talent contest. He was the favorite to win before his untimely death. After the seance was brought to a close, John was informed about what had been revealed through his efforts to bridge the gap between life and death. Everyone present for the supernatural meeting unanimously agreed on how to free the forlorn soul of young Mr. Green.

    Two days later a most unusual talent contest was held in the gymnasium. Students, parents and noted experts in the realm of the parapsychology were on hand to witness history. Gym decorations for the unusual event were recreated to resemble how they appeared 30 years earlier. Many of the older parents remembered Ryan’s accidental death from their childhood. They felt attending the talent show was the least they could do to ease his unhappiness. Naturally they were very curious about what would happen as well. 

   Gradually the number of remaining contestants grew smaller as each one performed in their area of excellence. All gave admirable performances, but the final contestant was still due his turn. When the critical moment came, the silence was deafening. All of the gymnasium lights dimmed and a blue mist appeared on stage next to the grand piano. The air in the auditorium was charged with an electric, supernatural chill.

   Blue ectoplasm amassed above the piano bench and took the form of the spectral child. From the beginning note of Bach’s ‘Toccata’, through the final note of Beethoven’s ‘Ninth Symphony’, the audience was captivated by the flawless nature of his playing. Even though the outcome was already decided, No one had any doubts as to who deserved to be the winner. After 31 disappointing years, Ryan Green finally had his moment in the spotlight! From that moment on, his spirit rested in everlasting peace.

    *Dedicated to my friend Mary*


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