‘Curiosity didn’t kill this cat’ I

    It was a warm summer day and Toonces was looking for a comfortable place to take a nap. The handsome tomcat had seven lives left and intended to spend them taking it easy. Of course when looking for the perfect place, there are several things to consider. 

   For instance: Would there be any pesky neighborhood dogs around disturb him? Is the potential resting place cool, shaded, and rain proof? Lastly; Is there food nearby? Finding the right napping spot could be very time consuming but the rewards pay off in the end. Heading the list of possibilities was the inside of what humans commonly call ‘a car’. 

   The window of the curious contraption was rolled down and it supported the perfect conditions. With a graceful leap, he landed on the windowsill and crept into the back seat. Once there, he located the perfect spot in the rear floorboard. Then he did something that came very natural for him; he went to sleep. As a matter of fact, Toonces slept so soundly that he didn’t even notice when a human got into the car and drove away! Our unconscious feline remained curled up in the back seat for the entire duration of the ride.

   Upon waking, his empty stomach prompted a search for nourishment. He stretched, yawned widely, and then proceeded to exit through the window. Naturally he was quite startled to find that his surroundings were no longer the same! The familiar back porch with his food and water bowl was gone. The entire area was covered in the paved asphalt of an urban parking lot. 

   Everything was different. He walked around in a daze while surveying the perplexing situation. Nothing made any sense so he opted to just climb back in to the car. By doing so, he hoped to wake from the crazy dream he assumed he was having. However when he went to get back inside, the lot was filled with dozens of the confound things! He couldn’t figure out which one he had been in. 

  They all looked basically the same and he made the wrong choice twice before confirming the right one. He circled the spot a few times and nestled down in the exact same position as before. Later when Toonces was again in a deep sleep, the driver slammed the door shut upon exiting the vehicle and jarred him awake. 

   Once again Toonces was home again. Never had he been so happy to see his old stomping grounds. ‘The crazy dream’ was finally over. He climbed out the window and landed gingerly in the driveway. The hungry feline intending to visit his food bowl but was distracted by something urgent. When he leaped up the steps to the porch, he felt a sharp pain in his paw pad. Upon investigation, he discovered a large tar-covered gravel between his front toes. 

   “How’d that get there?”; He wondered. He knew it hadn’t been in his paw when he got into the car. “The whole episode must have really happened!”; He realized with amazement. 

   He had somehow been transported through time and space in the human’s secret traveling machine! Previously he didn’t believe that cats could travel through time and space but the sticky gravel in his fur was concrete proof. The fact is, there was a time when he didn’t realize cats could climb trees either, until he tried it for the first time. 

   “It must be one of those things that wise old cats know and kittens haven’t discovered yet.”; He reasoned. Being very shrewd, Toonces’ head began to swim with all the possibilities that his new knowledge could bring him. More food, more sleep, and definitely more girlfriends!


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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