‘Curiosity didn’t kill this cat’ II

   Mankind will always have limitations because we constantly tell ourselves what is ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’. Hearing ‘that can’t be done’; has a very crippling effect on our willingness to try new things. These self-imposed limitations greatly affect our ability to succeed. It was once believed that space travel was impossible, and that running a mile in under four minutes would cause the heart explode.

    Eventually, someone had the courage and determination to break down those barriers of human doubt. Luckily, cats do not have the same crippling limitations. They rarely talk among themselves or have deep philosophical discussions. Because of this willingness to accept any event at face value, Toonces had no trouble believing he had traveled through time and space. He knew it happened and that was enough for him. “Why” or “how” were not important.

   Since he believed it so completely, the cosmic forces in the universe made it his reality. Eager to put his new ability to work, he set out to find a suitable car with the window down. After finding a large luxury sedan with soft plush seats a few houses down, he climbed in and raised up on his hind legs. From the pilot seat, he simply ‘willed’ the car to start. Two seconds later the luxurious automobile was ‘purring’. 

   He had suspicions that it wasn’t necessary to be asleep, to control the contraption. Now that was confirmed. He once watched a human drive on a large television screen, so he already knew all the steps. He telekenetically moved the transmission shifter into reverse and willed the gas pedal down. Slowly he turned the steering wheel with his front paws and made the car back into the road. Then he telekenetically applied the brakes, straightened out the wheel and roared off into town. He was thankful that the car was an automatic. All the extra telepathy would have given him a merciless headache!

   He’d heard tales of a meat packing factory in town by a stray cat named ‘Heathcliff’. His feline friend always told fascinating ‘tall tales’ about a feast of food that was discarded in a dumpster behind the building. That was going to be the first stop on his maiden driving excursion. He stopped and parked in a visitor’s parking space since he didn’t want to be towed. After scanning both ways for danger, he quickly darted around to the back of the building. Toonces had to see if the ‘fish’ stories were true. His stomach was growling and he couldn’t wait to get inside the dumpster.

    The ‘delicious’ smell of rotting meat confirmed Heathcliff’s fanciful story before he actually located it. Toonses imagined all the savory meat treasures within! Then he wondered how he was going to get inside since the side door was closed. It’s been said that there is a fine line between courage and carelessness. Cats only have instinct as a guide, so they’re provided with eight extra lives to make up for it. 

   As a younger kitten, Toonces had used up two of his lives. Very soon he would whittle away even more of them. Because the instinct to eat was stronger than his logic to be careful, he climbed up the side with no fear. When almost all the way to the top, he lost his clawhold and fell; hitting his head on the hard pavement. That error in judgment cost him his third life.

   He got up from the ground and shook his head back and fourth to shake away the dizziness. Completely unconcerned about the previous accident, he proceeded to climb back up the side of the dumpster again. This time our subject made it all the way to the top. The door at the top was propped open so factory workers could pitch in discarded meat without having to open the lid each time. That provided Toonces with a perfect way inside. He jumped down into the offal and gorged himself on the piles of rotting flesh. Only after eating his fill did he start to worry about how he was going to get out. No matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t scale up the slippery sides because he was too far down to reach the opening. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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