‘Final consultation of the oracle’ II

    “Gentlemen, what do we know about this thing so far?”


   “Excuse me, Dr. Haji. Ladies AND gentlemen.”

   “The roughly egg-shaped object is mechanical in nature from what we can tell. It is of unknown purpose, and fabricated from incredibly dense, non-terrestrial materials. It has a series of complex glyphs around its contoured base that we are working around the clock to translate. All attempts to X-ray or probe it using available imaging methods has proven fruitless. It is impermeable by all known scanning technology.” 

    “I see. That’s quite an eye opening report, Dr. Haji. So this is definitely an authentic alien artifact? Wow. I know the scientific community would be thrilled to learn that life on other planets has been confirmed, if it wasn’t so highly classified. Do we know if it is a weapon, or some sort of interstellar probe? More importantly; how did it get inside solid rock, 27 meters below the surface? Lastly, am I correct in thinking that there are no natural openings or fissures in the vicinity of where it was discovered?”

   “Yes, that is correct. It was encased in solid rock and compressed soil sediment. At this early juncture, we can offer no definitive answers as to its intended purpose, origin or construction. All we can say with a high degree of certainty is that the object isn’t a naturally occurring formation and the elements are not terrestrial. From that, my fellow researchers at SETI concluded that it is definitely from an alien world. Until we can probe inside it or decipher the exterior glyphs, our research on this extraterrestrial relic with be highly limited and theoretical.”

    “So you have no working theories on how it came to be in the middle of the ground, Dr. Haji?”

   “It is possible that the object was deposited or landed on the Earth’s surface millions of years ago. Figuring a constant rate of topsoil expansion per thousand years and dividing by 27 meters; we could calculate a relative date of arrival, based on that ‘cover-up’ hypothesis. Honestly though, it would be wild conjecture. We’d rather not explore any scenarios until we have more concrete data to go on.”

   “Understood. Please update us once you have made some progress. Is there any material support we can offer your team?”

   “The number of qualified, linguistic cryptologists with official government clearance is quite limited. There are a couple individuals I would like on my team to help with the translations. Will you issue them proper security clearance so I can approach them?”

    “Are these individuals U.S. citizens?”

   There was a long, pregnant pause until Dr. Haji broke the awkwardness. “No Director Benson, they are not Americans. Do you want me to inquire If they are ‘terrorists’?”

   “I don’t think THAT will be necessary, Dr. Haji.”; The Director was not amused at her sarcastic tone. “Just send me their personal information and academic credentials so I can do a thorough security check. National security is always our top priority, Doctor.”


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