‘Final consultation of the oracle’ III

    “Ok. Dr. Haji. I understand you have made some significant breakthroughs in the past couple of weeks. Everyone in the room is sitting on the edge of their seats. Please. Tell us about the mysterious object.”

    “Based on our translation of the glyphs, the extraterrestrial object could best be described as an ‘oracle’. The biographical saga in the text is the complete history of life. It explains that ancient beings set out to develop planetary ecosystems in ideal climates across the cosmos. The Earth was one of these ‘Genesis terrariums’. Each of the settlements were set-up with the essential building blocks needed for life to thrive. They were also given one of these devices to use for difficult problem solving when the proper time came. Obviously they were meant to be discovered after each civilization evolved enough to understand how to use it.”

   “Amazing! Simply amazing! So, there are countless other life forms spread across the universe. All of which are just ‘sprouting’ and developing in their own separate worlds; and each within an individual microcosm. Redundancy is nature’s way to insure life survives in some form. Scientists have noted this principle time and time again.

    I must commend your entire team for their impressive work in unraveling the great mystery of life, Dr. Haji. It answers so many questions about mankind and our primordial origins! Do the glyphs mention if we will ever get to meet these wandering ‘Johnny Appleseed’ pioneers who forged the foundation for human life?”

    “Thank you Director Benson. Based on our understanding of the creation saga in these revealing texts, I would say no. ‘They’ are long gone and only supplied us this assistance device, In lieu of their beneficial presence. Logistically, these fertile growth zones are probably too far apart to maintain a constant connection with all their creations. We are but one of many floating seeds in the solar winds. We are eternally on our own.” 

   “I see; but we do have this precious tool from the ‘gods’, as a type of surrogate or ‘babysitter’. Do you have any idea how to access or control the ‘oracle’, Dr. Haji? What sort of issues or problems can it help us with? More importantly, what are its limitations?”

   “Some of the nuances of the glyphs are still confusing but the immense power it commands is not in question. It has an unlimited capacity to solve specific global issues but there is a very important detail I must explain. It can ONLY be consulted three times. After all of the requests are made, they will be granted and then the device will be nullified. The requests are non-reversible and absolute. A precise syntax and format must be followed when seeking its help. Each formal request must be crystal clear and not open to interpretation. 

   For this reason, we strongly advise an international team of experts be assembled. We must study the best way to request and use those limited number of ‘favors’. The capacity for misuse or waste is too high to…”

    “So, it’s similar to a mythical Persian genie? Three wishes are granted when you ‘rub the lamp’?”

   “That’s a considerably oversimplified analogy but it is basically accurate. It was provided with the understanding that it wouldn’t be used until we had evolved enough to operate it properly. The oracle is a source of unimaginable power. It can make three important goals a reality. In turn, our requests from it must be well thought-out and the oracle must only be invoked using the precise rules dictated in the text.”

    “Of course Doctor. Of course. We wouldn’t just rattle off three mindless wishes on a whim. The oracle will only be consulted after an international committee agrees on the best course of action.”


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