‘Nhil’ II

   “First we have to isolate and tag your unique synaptic frequency. Only with the aid of complex sequencing computers could we recognize the minuscule differences between yours and millions of others. Once we dial that transmission signature in, we should be able to track your mental activity. It’s our hypothesis that while you are ‘away’, we may be able to record your brainwaves emitting from elsewhere. If so, it will pave the way for ESP and other parapsychology research.”

   “You mean that you expect to locate my brainwaves some other place when I am daydreaming?” Daniel was genuinely startled at the idea that his cognizant mind could travel outside his head.

   “I know it’s hard to grasp but the world is full of amazing, unexplained things. It’s my somewhat controversial theory that the transmigration of our personal life force is possible from one place to another. Proving that the mind does drift from one location to another during periods of disinterest would be the first step in validating my theory. Just think. If a person with a debilitating neuromuscular disease could ‘migrate’ into that of a person in an irreversible vegetative state, we could change the world! With cloning technology, we could just establish a database of our own DNA and just make a new body when the old one wears out. It could lead to near immortality!”

    Daniel was a bit taken aback at the researcher’s zeal and ambitious plans. He had no idea the university study was for such a futuristic sounding project. Still, he saw the point in determining if there was measurable evidence of brain activity outside a person’s body. If that also led to answers about why he ‘tuned out’ his wife, so much the better. 

    “We’re have queued up a long, boring video about tax deductions for accountants who specialize in non profit organizations. Hopefully you won’t find that fascinating. (Laughing) We need to bore you quickly so we can track your brainwaves.”

   Daniel nodded and put on the wired headset. He smiled at the effectiveness of the presentation. With the narrator’s monotonous voice, he fully expected to drift off at any moment. Then they would isolate his unique mental transmission frequency and locate just where he went when he drifted off.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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