‘Nhil’ III

   “Ok. We have some preliminary readings from your session to study. We’ll examine all of the data and look for verifiable evidence of your mental activity elsewhere. Sensors on the headset detected when your attention waned during the test video. From the synchronized time stamp, we can connect your remote brain activity with the drift phenomenon anywhere in the world. To do so, we just have to use the university satellite and search for matching synaptic signatures during those periods of disinterest. Once we prove your thoughts were temporarily elsewhere, we have achieved step one in our quest to explore permanent transference of self.”

   Daniel nodded slowly. He got the gist of what Kenneth was telling him but his hopes of ending his daydream problem was slipping away. It had never occurred to him that his mind really drifted away. Suddenly, his baffling condition seemed infinitely worse. What if ‘he’ just floated away from him body one day and never came back? Where did he go? Why couldn’t he remember these unscheduled flights of fancy? 

    The study team sent him home that night but promised to keep him apprised of their findings. Kenneth explained that the research efforts could take months to compile and cross reference with global satellite scans. It was his discreet way of telling him to not hold his breath for quick answers. 

   Daniel was a bit disillusioned. He had hoped they would instantly discover his mind wandering on top of Mount Everest or in the steamy jungle of Borneo. In essence, that sounded far more exotic and fun that discovering he was just enraptured by a waitress’ cleavage at the restaurant. With the new metaphysical theory that was presented to him, there was a certain level of expectation that came with it. Anything less that awe inspiring would be a letdown.

    Several months went by without further communication from Kenneth’s research team. After a few weeks, Daniel actually forgot about the whole thing. It wasn’t until he received an urgent text message asking him to come by the university, that he remembered the strange testing session. Had they discovered where his mind wandered to? Were they on the edge of some scientific breakthrough? He was anxious to sit down with Kenneth and get some answers. 


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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