‘Nhil’ IV

   A junior member of the research team escorted him to the conference area. It was a few minutes before Kenneth joined him. As he waited, Daniel became increasingly more impatient. It seemed obvious that he had been summoned because they had newsworthy things to explain. That being the case, the delay in joining him was conspicuous and odd. Finally Kenneth came into the room but his pained expression spoke volumes. The news wasn’t going to be good, whatever it was.

   Kenneth opened his mouth to speak but closed it again, abruptly. At last he found the right words. “Do you remember when I told you that we fully expected to locate your synaptic frequency elsewhere, while you were daydreaming? The good news is that we have confirmed transmigration of human thought. It took us a while but we did find your wandering thoughts.”

    “That’s amazing.”; Daniel exclaimed. “So why aren’t you more excited? That’s an incredible breakthrough in science. Where exactly did my mind wander to?”

   “Um. That’s ah, the issue. In your preliminary interview you informed us that you have no recollection of where your thoughts go when they drift away. In other words, you just snap out of your daydream and are completely unaware of what you were just thinking about. Is that correct?”

    “Yeah. No idea at all. It’s like my consciousness just gets shut off during those moments. You’d think if it worth interrupting my attention, it would stick with me. So, tell me. Where did you locate my misplaced thoughts?”

   “It took us a long time to even locate your signal during your lapses in concentration. I was about to throw in the town and admit my theory was wrong when one of the technicians came up with the idea to focus our scans in other directions. According to the university’s ground penetrating satellite, your mind was actually transmitting near the center of the earth! We were obviously quite troubled by those bizarre results so we tested several other subjects. 

   I couldn’t begin to tell you what it means, but there appears to be a communal meeting place of distracted minds, near the the molten core of the planet.”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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