‘When your lights go out’

   “A casual observer would probably witness a collection of mundane events if they peered through their neighbor’s lightly-curtained windows. The occupants of the home would be watching television or eating around the supper table. The ‘peeping Tom’ would see this unsuspecting family brushing their teeth or doing laundry. Simply put, most people do domestic things in their domestic settings. 

   The rogue voyeur in this example might observe someone vacuuming the carpet or pulling an overflowing trash bag out of the stuffed kitchen wastebasket. All those things and a dozen more are witnessed on an average night of creeping around in the shadows. They are the sort of un-noteworthy activities that a lurker at the windowsill might sit through, no matter where in the world he looked. That is, if they choose to eavesdrop into most domiciles. 

   I must admit that while watching you closely in the past, your domestic life is far from average. As a matter of fact, I can attest that it has been downright compelling. I found myself neglecting the daily activities of your boring neighbors and focusing exclusively on your very intriguing behavior. Though I know it’s unfair to focus so much on you, I kept coming back to see what you were going to do next. On most nights, you didn’t disappoint. It is as if you were aware that I was watching! Each time I gazed into your window, you put on an entertaining, jolly show for me. I appreciate that. 

   Although I shouldn’t, I find myself judging your behavior. I’ve seen you do some noble things when you didn’t realize anyone was watching. I’ve also seen you do very petty things that you should be very ashamed of. For the most part though, you tend to lead an exemplary life. I can’t say that’s always the case for anyone but whenever I observe you through your curtains, you typically act like an honorable person. That hasn’t went unnoticed. 

   It’s when your lights go out that it gives me pause. Do you think I don’t know what you do in the dark? I can tell. I can always tell. Even with the lights out, I know you’ve been bad. Turning off the lights doesn’t make a difference when I do my spying on people. Please, for goodness sake, be good. Always. It’s my job to judge you. I can’t in good conscience leave you good presents if you’ve been naughty.”

   -K. Kringle


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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