‘Divan’ I

    “…and then, I was up on stage without a stitch of clothes on! The audience laughed at me while I tried to cover myself. It was horrifying but I didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to run off stage and out of the cruel spotlight!”

   Haley’s coworkers snickered in a supportive way at her awkward dream. The ladies tried to offer a logical explanation for the cringe-inducing scenario. Not surprisingly, the guys who were present just sexualized it in a pathetic attempt to benefit themselves. 

   “To be honest Haley, I’d need to see you naked before I could offer any insight or analysis. Otherwise it’s purely speculation.” Cortney slapped Mark on the arm for being out of line. He was the most obvious flirt but several others echoed similar (but less original) comments. Guys could be such knuckle-dragging cavemen, she remarked in disgust.

   Randall brought up his reoccurring dream of flying. He expressed bewilderment at the surreal feeling that he frequently floated around, while struggling to master the skill. Jane from accounting admitted that she had awakened from similar experiences of uncontrolled floating, on occasion. By group consensus, it was a common theme. A number of other scenarios were discussed before Paulo revealed his reoccurring nightmare.

    “I uh, my dreams seem to be haunted by a large… ummm… padded coffee table-like thing. It has six gnarled, lion shaped legs that are pointed outward and it menaces me in my bedroom. I have no idea where it comes from, or what it all means.”

   “A what? Did you say a padded coffee table?”; Alice asked Paulo in disbelief. His coworkers erupted in cackles at the absurdity of the idea when he nodded in affirmation. “Is the coffee table ‘alive’ in your dreams?”

    “It’s like a stocky feral animal. It growls and hisses at me from the corner of my bedroom. It’s as if this thing is a caged beast and I stand between it and freedom!”; Paulo explained. “It adopts a very aggressive, defensive posture and I fear it will pounce on me at any minute. I realize the whole thing sounds crazy now but it feels very real in the nightmares.”

   “Wait! So you’ve dreamed of this ‘coffee table monster’ thing more than once? That’s totally bizarre, dude. Do you have any idea where the inspiration comes from? Have you seen this ferocious looking piece of furniture somewhere and it stuck in your subconscious mind?”

   “I know you’re mocking me Michael, but no; I have no recollection of where I saw this creepy thing but I assure you, in the nightmare it’s no laughing matter.”


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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