‘Divan’ II

   All through the day, Michael and Alice peppered Paulo with follow-up questions. Much to his annoyance, they wanted more details about the strange, sleep-time nemesis. 

   “You mentioned that it had six legs. Are they spaced apart evenly on the corners and middle? That makes it sound awfully long for a regular coffee table. Besides, if it was padded on the top, any beverages placed on it would spill. Something about your description seems odd.”

   “Of course it’s odd, it is a piece of animated furniture in my nightmares! What else would you expect? These things are not supposed to make any sense. I regret telling you guys about it now. It was very visceral at the time but to describe it with the conscious mind doesn’t do it justice. It crouched and growled at me like a feral beast. It flexed and arched in an aggressive posture. It was as if I had a massive predator in my bedroom.”

   “Wow. That must have been intense.”; She agreed.

   “In the haze of sleep, it just didn’t register that it was a ‘living’ piece of furniture.”; He added defensively. “It felt absolutely real. Even when I awoke, it took a while to accept that it was all just a dream. I actually looked around the room and in the closet to make sure it wasn’t hiding somewhere.”

   “I don’t mean that, Paulo. I understand that in dreams, surreal things can seem very real. It’s just that in reality, coffee tables rarely have six legs. Even if it was a living creature in your nightmare, it doesn’t make sense to have a padded top and six legs. The subconscious mind typically uses two or more real things and then combines them. I think your ‘coffee table beast’ may actually be a Turkish ‘divan’. It’s a low, backless bench that is popular in the middle-east.”

   “Possibly. I guess. What does it matter though? It was just a stupid dream about a possessed piece of living room furniture. The normal purpose of it doesn’t matter. I admit that it scared me but I’m over it now. Really, just let it go. Please.”

    “It’s just that I’m interested in dream interpretation. That’s actually what spawned the original conversation. All the dreams that the others brought up were basic, run-of-the-mill Freudian fare. Yours sounded pretty unique by comparison. I just enjoy unraveling the innocuous, everyday events that the subconscious mind uses to create its dream scenarios.”


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