‘Creature comforts’ III (end)

   As if witnessing an actor in a play, I heard myself respond that I accepted her rule, as it was set forth. My hollow voice sounded disconnected from its consciousness. She promised to keep my body warm, instead of me having to maintain the hungry fire each night. The logical part of me feared freezing to death during the height of the frigid cold but I was already smitten. The warmth radiating from her flesh was absolutely tantalizing. It was like an alcohol-induced euphoria in the pit of my stomach which I couldn’t escape from. That night the fire completely died out. Luckily I survived to see the morning light. The bed was still warm where she had slept but she was long gone. The room was so deadly cold that I had to restart the fire before I froze to death.

   All during the day, I could hardly believe it had really happened; or if she was just a figment of my lonely imagination. If any doubts remained, her smoky, wildflower scent lingered in the bed, as proof. I felt light-headed and terrified at the thought of having ‘creature comforts’ with a being of supernatural origin. It was madness personified but regardless of whatever she was, I was completely obsessed and hooked. I desperately craved having her lithe form beside me again.

   I came to realize that she only came when the fire was dying so I resisted stoking it, so it would die down. When she finally came, it was as if the room had a raging forest fire but the truth was that I was in real risk of freezing to death. She snuggled beside me and all I could think of was her. In the pitch darkness, I told her about my hopes and dreams. I caressed her body and we made passionate love many times. My flesh tingled as if every nerve ending was fused together. Before I drifted off to sleep, I asked what her name was.

   “I am whomever you wish me to be. Call me any name that you desire.”; She demurred. 

   “How about Eurydice?”; I suggested pensively. “She was the beloved wife of Orpheus in Greek mythology. She was bitten by a serpent and died but her husband loved her so much that he went before Hades and begged for her to be returned to the land of the living. Feeling pity for Orpheus, Hades granted his special wish, with the one stipulation. It was that he wasn’t to turn around and look at her until they reached the surface. Just before they made it out of Hades, Orpheus no longer heard her footsteps behind him and made the mistake of looking. Because of his human failure, she had to return back to the land of the dead, forever.”

    “Clever and very fitting, my love!”; She agreed. “I shall forever be ‘Eurydice’ for you.”

   I drifted off to sleep and awoke alone again in the morning. As before, the temperature inside the cabin had dropped to dangerously cold. I had to start a fire quickly before hypothermia set in. I was drained of strength and weak as a kitten but still consumed by my giddy obsession for Eurydice, my demonic seductress. Soon, even eating became unimportant. I was numb to the mortal needs of a human being. I didn’t even go outside to bring in wood because a fire would only delay my time with her. 

   Even as I felt my strength and stamina slipping away, I didn’t care. For the next few weeks I basked each night in her intoxicating flame and withered further away from reality. She is a succubus. Bewitcher of men and devourer of souls. Draining my will to live and slowly destroying me. I fear that my time is nigh. I do not eat. I do not drink. I only live now for my short hours with her each night. She has consuming my mind and body. Soon I will have no more of myself to give. I know that I am dying but I can not resist this internal conflict. These are possibly my last words so I want to share my story with the person who finds my lifeless body. 
With good fortune, I’ll be with Eurydice in the afterlife.

James ‘Orpheus’ Singletary


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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