‘What do cats know?’

   There have been a number of intriguing stories recently about cats in retirement homes that gravitate to specific human beings (shortly before they pass away). In these accounts, the cat will fixate on a dying person; as if giving them the undivided gift of attention until they expire. Is it their heightened sense of smell that detects death lingering nearby, or some other subtle queue that we are unaware of? 

   What do those furry little rascals know and what are the signs? Why the rare, selfless acts? Aren’t they universally motivated by whatever benefits them? Is there an odor of terminal disease that we all emit before we pass away? It’s seems contrary to their self preservation to do anything without immediate, direct gain. 

   Are these sympathetic acts of comfort during times of great distress, or those of a feline ‘spirit guide’, during the lonely transition between life and death? At one time, there was even a superstitious belief that they waited for the moment of death to slowly ‘drink’ the life essence of the departed while perched on their chests! Maybe they aren’t sympathetic pets at all. It could be the same smell of fear that a mouse or other rodent transmits when they are being stalked which lures them to one’s deathbed. Maybe they send us on our final journey, just to gain our life force! 

   Now, look over at that soft ball of fur that you share your home with. He or she is probably casually grooming itself. They are masters of pretending to be demure and coy but we all know how cunning they can be. We delude ourselves that we are ‘training them’ but we know the truth. They train us. They keep us around until our usefulness has been used up. Deep down, we know those cute little killers are just waiting for the fatal moment to arrive so they can consume our evaporating life force, like a delicious saucer of cooling milk… 😉😁😂


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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