‘The desert and the garden’

   “What if every single creature in the universe is part of an infinitely greater thing? Each of us is an individual atom within a massive, collective living matrix. Our universe is woven with strands of connected threads through blood relation, marriage, proximity, or pure happenstance. 

   If we form positive bonds with each other, the ordinarily frail fibers unite into a stronger, sturdy material. If we are at war with others, the strands rapidly begin to unravel. Soon, without a reversal of this destructive trend, more and more sections of the brittle patchwork of life will deteriorate. All of the frayed edges of the life fabric would create a deadly domino effect, triggering other connected strands to fray. Do you see what I’m saying?

   Ideally, there would be numerous sections of the living framework in the process of mending, while others are naturally coming apart at the seams. Maintaining a pure, neutral balance of these two diametrically opposite directions is essential to prevent an irreversible collapse. With too much harmony, we simply run out of space for this woven network of life fabric. At the other end of the equation, too much unchecked destruction and it all falls apart. 

   At any given time, there is a risk to the natural balance between these polar extremes. While critical to its operation, the individual parts in the puzzle aren’t supposed to be aware of their influence on the scales. They either level or upend the arms blindly. It’s supposed to be an unbiased process.”

   After politely listening to his deep lecture, ‘v’ replied. “Sure. Most of us would generally accept your analogy as a symbolic metaphor for society. We are in this mysterious thing called life together. If we can’t get along, we all die. No one would argue with that.”

   “Well, what if I went so far as to state that I am not speaking metaphorically. I meant what I just said in a figurative, literal sense. The balance of life is supposed to happen naturally but in recent times, one side of the scale has tipped too far and too often. It has causing a critical imbalance in the order of things. There is an absolute range in this balance where no amount of counterweight to the other side can undo the damage.”

   ‘v’ was taken aback by the startling knowledge. It was frightening to know that being blissfully ignorant to the universal balance of life, didn’t change its possible outcome. At any time, the scale could tip too far to one side or the other and things would permanently unravel. Only by sheer luck had it maintained itself this far! A heavy gloom filled her mind. If there was only something she could do personally. If only she was aware of the current state of things, she could take measures to level the scales when necessary. 

   “How is it that you are so wise? How can I be more like you and follow the fragile ebb and flow of the fabric of existence? I’d like to help make a difference when necessary.”

   ‘Stn’ smiled. “It’s not your fault at all. You were unaware that a balance in these matters is even necessary. You were only ignorant to the inner-workings of these things because you dwell within this harmonic utopia. You only see where the fabric is woven. You’ve never seen the other side. I sometimes venture outside this beautiful place and study the desert to better understand the balanced dynamic and how both sides are necessary. It’s the duality of nature.”

   ‘v’ was intrigued at the prospect of better understanding how life works. She wanted to follow the lead of her new mentor. He seemed to have all the answers. Certainly he had taught her much about how things in the universe works. “How could I find my way to see the other side?”; She asked her new serpent friend. 

   “The knowledge information center is over by that bountiful fruit tree. It can teach you how to experience life from the opposite perspective. Take what you lean from it and share it with everyone you know.”

   ‘(e)V(e)’ thanked S(a)t(a)n for opening her eyes to such a greater understanding of life. She went to explain it to her husband ‘H'(a)d(a)m’ so he could experience the desert too.


About Bo Bandy

Just a creative soul trapped in a world of cookie-cutter pragmatism...
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